How to Have the Perfect Breakfast to Start the Day Right ...


How to Have the Perfect Breakfast to Start the Day Right ...
How to Have the Perfect Breakfast to Start the Day Right ...

You know how your grandparents always used to say breakfast was the most important meal of the day? Well, it turns out that they were absolutely right on this! Breaking your fast after hours of sleeping is essential to setting yourself up properly for the day ahead. If you provide your body with the right fuels and the right amount of energy, you stand to have a much healthier time at school or work. Here is how to have the perfect breakfast to start the day right.

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Smaller Bowl

First off, you want to make sure that your portion control is on point because you don’t want to start the day off with overeating so early. The easiest way to do this is by using a smaller bowl, that way you can still have the visual satisfaction of eating a full plate, but you know that the calorie content is much lower than it might have been in a bigger bowl.



Try to add some protein on some days to keep you feeling fuller for longer and avoid snacking later on in the morning. Things like beans, eggs, nuts, seeds, nut butters, and even salmon can be great for a protein boost, and work into lots of classic breakfast recipes that can fill up your entire week.


5 a Day

Make an effort to get at least some of your five a day during breakfast time. It can be through things like a smoothie, grilled mushrooms with brown toast, berries in some Greek yogurt ... whatever takes your fancy. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that fruit and vegetables should only be considered for snacking and meals later in the day.


Hand Guide

Use your hand to determine the size of portions that you need to be eating at breakfast time. The palm of your hand represents the amount of protein, and your thumb represents the amount of healthy fats. An entire fist is the ideal portion for carbs and vegetables.


Take It Slow

Make sure you get up in time to be able to eat your breakfast at a nice slow pace. It is much better for your digestion and your metabolism if you chew properly and take your time with your meal. Scoffing it down will never lead to anything good, and it encourages overeating.

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