7 Ways to Be a Part Time Vegetarian ...


7 Ways to Be a Part Time Vegetarian ...
7 Ways to Be a Part Time Vegetarian ...

So you want to be a part time vegetarian for the heart health and weight loss benefits and do not know where to start? Well as a nutritionist I can save the day by showing you just the way you can do this. You can lower your intake of meat, increase your legumes and even test out some great vegetarian recipes through this process. The occasional meal that includes meat, is totally fine but part time you will eat like a vegetarian. Eliminating processed foods and make healthier choices to help you to achieve you achieve your goals and be the healthiest part time vegetarian with these tips:

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Start Eating More Beans

For slow digesting complex carbs that will nourish your body cook beans in a soup or along with your veggies. Beans are a staple in the vegetarian diet because of the health benefits and also how well they fill you up!


Limit Your Meat

Limit your meat to one to two days a week and turn to other sources for protein like nuts and eggs. You will actually feel lighter and may even see the scale drop from this simple change. And as a part time vegetarian you can still eat meat one or two days and you will still stay on track to your health goals!


Stick to Whole Grains

Vegetarians eat whole grains that aid their digestive tract, help them to feel better and provide energy to the body. So take a page from the book of this eating plan and eat healthy food that will help you get through each day with a spring in your step. Foods like brown rice and quinoa are the tops for whole grains!


Add Nuts

Add nuts like walnuts to your salad for your daily dose of Omega 3 and to help you eat a balanced diet. Vegetarians eat nuts in moderation because they are high in fat so eat no more than 1-2 handfuls per day!


And do Not Forget the Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a nutrition powerhouse and can be just what you need when you finish your workout. Carry a bag of nuts and seeds for when you are on the road and stay true to eating healthier and being a part time vegetarian.


Eat Large Salads Every Day

To ensure you are eating enough veggies and staying on track to your part time vegetarian plan, make a salad with 3 cups of spinach with lots of veggies like mushrooms, peppers, beans and nuts. This bulky salad will fill you up without adding excess calories. Now that is a total win in the slim down department!


Be Creative with Vegetarian Recipe Creation

Simply type in vegetarian recipes for any search query and you will be amazed with all the results. I have made 6 bean soup along with many other great recipes by just searching online. You may find some new recipes that you will love in the process too! So be open to try something new and put your chef hat on to create!

So tell me are you ready to be a part time vegetarian? You may love the eating plan so much that you decide to become a full time vegetarian. Whatever you do, make sure you eat healthy, exercise and better your health!

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Yay!! Amazing read and glad it's out there- part time 😅😊

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