Everyday Things You're Doing That Are Slowing Your Metabolism ...


Everyday Things You're Doing That Are Slowing Your Metabolism ...
Everyday Things You're Doing That Are Slowing Your Metabolism ...

If you’re feeling low on energy, it could be that your body is reflecting how sluggish your metabolism is feeling. When your metabolism is on fire you are energized and feel on top of your game, so it’s important to know what habits you have that could slow your metabolism down.

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You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

singing, just, tired, really, tired, One of the key everyday things that slow down your metabolism is that you do not get enough sleep each night. Getting in to the routine of a regular sleeping pattern of the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep is super important when it comes to regulating a healthy metabolism.


You Drink Too Much Coffee and at the Wrong Times

person, cartoon, nose, conversation, profession, If you are one of those people who drinks coffee at home or at work instead of eating when you feel hungry, then you could be affecting your metabolism in a negative way. Nutritionists say that ingesting caffeine when we are hungry can have an appetite suppressing effect, which means that your body won’t be getting the calories it needs to ensure that your metabolism runs in a regular and healthy way.


Your Home is Too Warm

Many experts have expressed the opinion that living in a cooler environment can kick-start your metabolism and make it run better and faster than if you are constantly in an overwarm environment. Try not to have your heating on all the time; perhaps use a little AC instead!


You Have a Diet That Contains No Dairy

person, WERE, TALKING, ABOUT..., CHEESE!, If you don’t eat dairy, this could be a reason why your metabolism is a little sluggish. All forms of dairy are rich in whey and casein proteins, and these are both extremely good at building muscle which in turn helps to kick your metabolism in to overdrive.


You Lift Weights Too Fast

, Your metabolism could begin to suffer if you do weight training as part of your workout but tend to speed through the process as fast as possible. Making sure that you lower the weights as carefully as your lift them can have a much better muscle building effect and therefore a better impact on your overall metabolism.


You Only Use Sea Salt

food, dish, meal, produce, breakfast, Table salt contains iodine which is something that the body needs for making our thyroid glands function properly and in turn helping our metabolism to flourish. Sea salt, however, does not contain iodine, so try to mix it up when you are cooking, not always using sea salt and instead opting for the iodine heavy table salt occasionally.


You Work out after the Sun Has Gone down

person, profession, Many experts say that exposing yourself to sunlight in the morning or early afternoon is a great way naturally kick start your metabolism, so getting your exercise in daylight rather than waiting until the moon is out to work out can be the difference between a healthy metabolism and a slightly sluggish one.


You Skip Breakfast

art, ritual, They don’t say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day for no reason! Your metabolism slows down while you are sleeping and it doesn’t start to speed up again until you have eaten something, so even just a small amount of breakfast can make a big difference for the rest of the day.


There’s Not Enough Spice in Your Diet

art, performing arts, dance, entertainment, People, Those who eat a rather bland diet in terms of flavor are likely to have slower metabolisms, as it has been proven that a diet that contains regular amounts of spicy food can lead to an increased rate of metabolism by as much as 25%!

Are you treating your metabolism right?

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As for working out in daylight I work out at night and I'm in good shape. Plus when it's -30 degrees Celsius up here in Canada, it's not ideal weather to work out

AGREED, Melissa! Us Canadian girls got keep warm somehow at night 😜

I'm lactose intolerant so I try to limit dairy as much as possible or I'll suffer the consequences lol

Three is very true!

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