9 Tips for Keeping a Diet Friendly Purse ...


9 Tips for Keeping a Diet Friendly Purse ...
9 Tips for Keeping a Diet Friendly Purse ...

If you’re on a diet, be sure to keep a diet friendly purse on hand with you during travel. What is a diet friendly purse, you might ask? Well, I’m so glad you asked! This concept isn’t one we hear too much about, but one that’s vital to your healthy lifestyle success. Keep these simple diet friendly purse tips on hand, and use them each time you pull out your handbag. I promise you’ll be well on your way to success in no time, and it will help you get every little bit of money out of that cute, pricey handbag you bought too!

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Keep Stevia on Hand

I always keep a small container of stevia on hand, which is my most crucial tip for creating a diet friendly purse. Even if you’re not on a diet, I would still suggest keeping stevia in your purse, as a natural sugar-free sweetener. This way, when you meet that friend out for coffee, or opt for a hot tea on the go, you can ask for yours to be served plain, and use stevia in your beverage instead of sugar or artificial sweetener packets. This also comes in handy when you’re at a friend or family’ member's house who’s serving coffee or tea, or even another drink. Ask for yours to be unsweetened, and just pull out your stevia! For zero calories and zero artificial ingredients, you can rest assured you’ll be good to go! I like both liquid and individual packet forms, and my favorite brand is NuNaturals.


Almonds Always

I like to tell my family members or friends who ask me for diet tips to always keep a serving of raw almonds in their bag for emergencies. One fourth cup is the perfect serving size, for only about 200 calories and 8 grams of protein, along with healthy monounsaturated fats for your mood health, no sodium, plus 3 grams of fiber to help stabilize your blood sugar. Also, almonds are rich in Vitamin E, magnesium, manganese, B vitamins and zinc. They’re also crunchy and a little sweet, which make them perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth. Almonds make the perfect travel snack, and they are a much needed health food to eat when you find yourself hungry in rush hour traffic, out during shopping or just during your workout day. They can help keep you from unhealthy choices and keep your metabolism up. You can also pick up 100 calorie snack packs from Blue Diamond or Emerald Nuts brand, which are both the perfect serving size for on the go.


Inspirational Quotes

While this isn’t something for your taste buds, it is something that will help keep you on track, and can help inspire and motivate you to make changes or stick with the ones you’ve already made. Keep sayings and quotes that inspire you to eat healthy tucked away in a small notebook, or even type them on your smartphone. When you really face temptation and nothing else is working, read them. It sounds corny, but you’d be surprised how much it really works.


Healthy Grocery Lists

Another tip for keeping a diet friendly purse is to always, always, always have a healthy grocery list made. This will help keep you from buying impulse items at the store both during your main shopping trips and small pickup trips during the week. When you look on your list, not only will you see only healthy items that you hopefully listed, but you’ll also see you don’t need that bag or box of goodies that’s on sale. They’re not on the list, and you won’t die without them. Also, keeping a list can help prevent you during your main shopping trips when you’re tempted to buy unhealthy items.



Another fantastic tip for staying healthy on the go is to keep a small container of cinnamon in your purse. Why? Cinnamon is the absolute perfect topping for on the go eats, whether that be yogurt, oatmeal, coffee, tea or frozen yogurt. It helps stabilize your blood sugar and satisfies your sweet tooth. Research has also shown that cinnamon helps prevent and treat Type 2 Diabetes, and it aids digestion as a bonus.


No Junk

Another simple diet friendly purse tip is to be sure to have a “no junk” rule for your handbag. Don’t ever throw candy, lollipops, cookies, individual bags of chips, processed cheese crackers or anything else that’s not truly “food” in your purse. Make a “no junk” rule, and be sure the only food that does go in is something healthy.


Consider Gum

I’m not big on gum since it contains a lot of processed ingredients, but gum can help many women curb their temptations to eat unhealthy foods, especially in the beginning of starting to eat healthy. I do suggest choosing a healthier kind of gum, like PUR brand, which is free of artificial sweeteners and artificial food colors and dyes.


Bottled Water

Another thing to always keep in your purse? A bottled water! If you’re thirsty on the go, you’ve got the perfect easy way to stay hydrated and prevent you from choosing something unhealthy, or paying double at a convenient store. Buy bottled water in bulk to keep at home, or keep a refillable water bottle in your purse as a more eco-friendly option. I have found this one tip to be a lifesaver in situations I didn’t even realize I’d need it.


Piece of Fruit

Another tip is to always keep a piece of portable fruit in your bag, such as a green apple, which is lower in sugar than other varieties, a small orange, or even a small banana. An even better option is to include a mini bag of carrots as a veggie option, but be sure to eat it within 4 hours since it’s not refrigerated. Keeping a piece of fruit in your purse can come in handy when you’re out and don’t have a better option to choose from, or you need something hydrating that will help your energy levels, instead of a energy bar or Red Bull.

With these diet friendly tips for your purse, you can rest assured that no matter where you go, you’ll be all set in the case of an emergency situation or temptation. Don’t go anywhere without this arsenal of weapons with you. Even if you’re not on a diet or trying to lose weight, these are all great tips to keep in mind for a healthy living lifestyle. They’ll help you avoid junk like sugar, processed foods and losing focus on your health goals. Do you keep any of these items in your purse?

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