4. Protein Deficiency

Do you ever feel like you need something more substantial in your diet? Like you’re just always hungry even after you eat? I’ve been there! I can’t say enough about how much my cravings have diminished since adding high quality protein to my diet. I used to have low blood sugar, constant fatigue, and terrible cravings after just eating. I wasn’t really hungry, I just wasn’t eating enough protein for my body

. I listened to certain “numbers” that told me how much protein to eat, instead of listening to my body’s needs. After adding in more protein from plant protein powders, more leafy greens, nuts, seeds, and even organic plain yogurt, my cravings almost disappeared. My body needed those amino acids from protein for healthy brain function and my metabolism, as well as better blood sugar regulation. If you suffer from this issue too, try implementing more protein into your meals and snacks to see if it helps.

Stress Levels
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