7 Reasons to Keep a Food Diary and How It Could Make You Slimmer ...


There are many reasons to keep a food diary that you might not know, if you don't already keep one. A food diary is actually a great tool for many people, not just avid dieters. You can keep a food journal in a notebook just like you would a list of to-dos. You don’t have to show it to anyone, and it can be as simple or complex as you want. You might also even find some creative ideas for your diary on Pinterest, who knows? Make it fun, and be inspired. Don’t see it as a form of dread, but instead, think about these helpful reasons to keep a food diary. Don’t worry, no one will see it but you!

1. Makes You Aware

I think one of the best reasons to keep a food diary that anyone can benefit from is it makes you more aware. Keeping a food journal shows you how you eat each day, and allows you to be more aware of how and when you eat. This can show you lots of things about your eating habits, what food groups you eat more of, and if you eat when you’re stressed, whether at work or home.

Helps You Understand Your Body
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