21 Healthy Ways to Eat Less ...

If you’re dieting, chances are, you’re looking for easy ways to eat less that don’t equal starvation. Well, love, I can help! I’ve been chatting with my personal trainer and with my idols, the women I know who’ve been successful dieters, and I have lots of their advice to share. Here are 21 ways to eat less, without depriving yourself. Enjoy… really!

1. Know Your Calorie Goal

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Before you diet to lose weight, and worry about finding ways to eat less, it’s a very good idea to make sure you actually NEED to do these things. Take a few minutes to use the free tools at choosemyplate.gov to see how many calories you actually burn and consume, and compare those numbers to what they ought to be. If you do need to cut calories, and eat less, keep reading!

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