2. Dried Fruit Slices

Most people look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them to avoid dried fruit slices. I’m sure you’re thinking, “It’s fruit, so it’s healthy, right?” Wrong, deary! Dried fruit like dried banana slices are often filled with sugar to enhance their taste, plus they lack the water found in fresh fruit. This makes them less filling, which means they don’t fill you up as fast as fresh fruit, so you’re eating more to satisfy your hunger, while also packing on the calories. Dried fruit slices or chips are also usually made with some type of oil to glaze them so they look more appealing. This is never a good thing. When buying dried fruit, buy plain dried fruit, or better yet, buy it fresh. Though there are some brands with just dried fruit as the ingredients, always be sure to read the label to double check. The word natural does not equal healthy either, so don't fall for that easy trap!