7 Diet Tips from Tracy Anderson to Add to Your Life Today ...


Tracy Anderson is celebrity trainer to Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Richie and many other famous celebs, and the best diet tips from Tracy Anderson are ones we can all enjoy, celebs or not! I was first introduced to Tracy through her DVD exercise set, Metamorphosis. I had no idea how much I would enjoy this DVD, and this form of dance for exercise. I’m not a dancer, to say the least, but I am in more shape now than I ever have been. Tracy also has her own YouTube channel with free workouts, which I suggest you check out. Here’s a hint: Gwyneth is a huge fan of her arm workouts, and based on Gwyneth’s body, I feel safe trusting her advice, what about you? Not only does Tracy have great workouts, but also fantastic diet tips. Check out these amazing diet tips from Tracy Anderson, which as you’ll see, aren’t all about losing weight, but more about supporting a lean body for life.

1. Choose Lean Protein

One of the best diet tips from Tracy Anderson is to always include a little lean protein! Protein is essential for building lean muscle in the body. It helps stimulate growth hormones that burn fat, and it even aids in brain health through amino acids. Be sure to choose lean sources, and choose naturally slimming varieties, like lean poultry, fish, Greek yogurt and eggs or egg whites. Avoid fatty cuts of meat and starchy sources like beans.

Avoid Processed Foods
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