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7 Best Dieting Trends of 2014 ...

By Heather

Some of the best dieting trends of 2014 didn’t come in the form of a three day detox or magic pill, but instead many of them came from some pretty sound advice. Take a look at some of the top dieting trends of 2014 and consider implementing them into your life. There’s no counting calories, going on a crazy cleanse, or sacrificing two to three hours at the gym, guaranteed!

1 High-Fiber

One of the best dieting trends of 2014 is the new emphasis fiber has on our weight. No longer is fiber chalked up as boring or old-fashioned but instead, it’s a legitimate way to lose weight. Fiber fills you up faster, balances your blood sugar, removes and lowers cholesterol, and excretes wastes from the body. Best of all, it goes undigested through the body so it’s actually calorie-free. Get your fiber from foods like oats, apples, leafy greens, broccoli, carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, berries, and bananas.

2 Circuit Training

Women are finally realizing that an hour on a treadmill isn’t the best way to drop the pounds long term. Circuit training requires you to constantly adapt to a new movement so your body is always guessing, which means you’re burning more calories. The key is to move between each exercise quickly without resting, which burns calories faster in a shorter amount of time.

3 Superfood Power

Superfoods like flax, chia, acai, hemp, goji, cacao, maca, and spirulina are all getting a good bit of attention these days. It’s great to see raw, whole foods stealing the spotlight over processed foods with crazy marketing claims. Plus, these superfoods have been linked to higher energy so you might even burn more calories just by eating them!

4 Plant-based Nutrition

Plants are full of fiber, have no cholesterol, and are alkaline to the body, which makes them a great way to lose weight long term. Animal foods, on the other hand, have no fiber, are high in cholesterol, and are acidic to the body. Eat more plants and do animals, your body, and the planet a favor all in one!

5 Barre

Barre is a type of exercise that involves small isometric movements performed both standing and on the floor. Each move is followed by a thorough stretch, which tones the body and gives women a slimmer look. You can find barre classes, individual studios, and even DVDs to get your fill of this new trendy workout. Learn more at

6 Unprocessed

This year everything was all about lean and clean in terms of the best ways to eat. No more junk food protein bars or dieting shakes - this year, it’s all about eating real, whole foods. Thank goodness! Isn’t it about time we turn to nature to take care of us?

7 Strength Training

Strength training has been around for years but 2014 shed some new light on just how great it is for your diet. Strength training not only burns calories while you’re working out but it continues around the clock to burn calories hours after you work out. Plus, strength training preserves your lean muscle, which is important for healthy, long term weight loss.

Hopefully these dieting trends will stick around for a while, but I guess time will tell. What’s the best dieting trend you’ve heard or or tried?


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