19 Simple Ways to Amp up Your Diet ...

You’ve been dieting for a while now, and you’re horrified to admit that you’re getting bored, tempted to quit, and you haven’t lost an ounce in what feels like forever. Ah, you’ve hit a plateau! But no worries, my dear. It’s not permanent, and as long as you work out a few ways to amp up your diet, you’ll be back on track, losing pounds and inches, in no #time. Here are 19 simple ways to amp up a diet… your diet!

1. Skip the Soda

Whether you’re drinking diet or regular soda, you need to ditch it as one of the #best ways to amp up your diet. Why? If you’re drinking regular soda, you need to know every tiny serving is loaded with empty #calories and calcium-leaching chemicals. If you’re drinking diet soda, there’s a recent study by the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio that just proved something shocking. Yes, diet soda is zero-calorie, but people who drink diet soda actually GAIN more weight than #people who don’t. And not just a little weight — the average #weight gain is 43% more than people who are dieting that cut soda out altogether. Wow!