8 Places to Find Diet Encouragement ...


Diet encouragement can be hard to findโ€ฆ it seems like, once youโ€™ve started a diet, everyone becomes a negative nay-sayer!

This is the time you need a BFF, not a frenemy!

Whatโ€™s a girl to do?

No worries, sweet thingโ€ฆ there are still a lot of places to find diet encouragement.3

Ditch the frenemies, leave the haters behind, and find some encouragement and inspiration in these friendlier places.

1. Social Networking

I know what youโ€™re thinking โ€” there are so many haters on Facebook!

But you know what?

There are also a lot of people who would love to give you some diet encouragement and some serious love, too!

Trust me.

Post a couple of daily diet updates, something positive, and watch the supportive comments pile up!

Donโ€™t be negative, or talk down about yourself, though, or the haters will come out in droves.

Live Friends
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