7 Tips for Choosing a Weight Friendly Wine ...


7 Tips for Choosing a Weight Friendly Wine ...
7 Tips for Choosing a Weight Friendly Wine ...

If you’re not willing to part with your glass of wine, that’s okay as long as you keep some tips for choosing a weight friendly wine in mind. Wine is actually full of antioxidants, and while that isn’t a reason to load up on it daily, it is validation for including it on occasion. Be sure when you choose a wine that you make smart choices. Wine can help you relax and help keep stress hormones at bay. Since it does contain alcohol, you’ll want to keep portions regular sized and not overdo it. Other than that, keep in mind these tips for choosing a weight friendly wine and you can enjoy your glass without guilt, so long as you’re of age, of course!

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Make It Red

The most important of all tips for choosing a weight friendly wine is to keep it red! Red wine contains more antioxidants and less sugar than all types of wine. The most nutritious, and my favorite, is Pinot Noir, with Merlot being a quick second top choice. It has flavors of cherry, undertones of vanilla and a soft musky taste that is a little fruity at the same time. Though it has less sugar, it is very satisfying and won’t raise your insulin levels as quickly.


Avoid White

White wine has more sugary carbs than all other types, so it is best to avoid this kind of wine for weight loss benefits. I know it may be hard to part with if it’s your favorite, but your waistline will thank me later!


Picking Pink

Pink, or rose, wine is a second best choice to red wine, though I wouldn’t recommend it as a top choice. If you like pink, or rose, wine, just dilute half of what you would normally drink with red wine and adjust slowly over time. Pink wine contains more sugar than red, and the more sugar in your wine, the more likely your body will store it as fat.


Know How Wine Works

Wine’s effect on your weight should first be understood before you can make good decisions. It’s all about your blood sugar and fat burning. See, when you drink alcohol, your liver has one job on its mind. It senses the alcohol as a toxin and the liver’s prime focus is to get that toxin out of the body. Your liver has to work overtime to do this, which can leave you drowsy and tired. Since your liver is busy detoxing itself, or trying to, it can’t do its normal job, which is to burn fat and carbs for fuel. Obviously, wine has no fat, but it does have carbs. Now you can see why it's important to choose a lower carb wine. The less sugar you consume from wine, the better. That way, you’re not allowing any excess carbs to go unused to be stored as fat.


Avoid Wine Coolers

First off, wine coolers aren’t really 100% wine. They’re loaded with sugar to make them taste better. Obviously, though many people like them, you know by now that excess sugar in wine won’t do your waist any favors. Put down the wine coolers and just choose a glass of red!


Stay with One Glass

There’s nothing wrong with having a glass of wine, but keep it to just one glass! Not two or three, which can turn into five before you know it. This keeps calories, sugars and carbs in check, not to mention the alcohol burden on your liver! Your liver is your fat burning organ, so take care of it!


Keep It to 5 Ounces

Along with having one glass of wine, make sure that one glass isn’t a huge stein or mug! Keep your serving to 5 ounces. My recommendation? Add a square of pure dark chocolate with your 5 ounces. This keeps your insulin stable, and makes you satisfied sooner. You’ll be in pure bliss in no time with this magical combo, and you won’t feel the need to go back for more wine, or chocolate, for that matter.

Though I hardly ever drink, and have only had wine maybe three times in my life, I do think that there can be some benefits to drinking red wine on occasion. As long as you’re of age and don’t develop an addiction, red wine can be a great part of a heart healthy diet. Do you have a favorite tip for drinking wine to help keep your weight in check? Share it!

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I love white wine so much, but after reading this i'll start drinking red wine (though i don't like it as much).

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