7 Steps to Eating Better and Leaving Your Old Habits behind ...


7 Steps to Eating Better and Leaving Your Old Habits behind ...
7 Steps to Eating Better and Leaving Your Old Habits behind ...

Starting a healthy diet is one of the hardest things for us girls to do, but this can be made easy by taking the right steps to eating better. Healthy eating is essential for a great body, skin, hair, and most importantly, overall health. In my opinion and experience, it’s almost impossible to entirely change your diet in a heartbeat and keep it up. I’ve come up with certain steps to eating better that will make your diet head in the right direction!

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Portion Control

My first and easiest of the steps to eating better includes portion control and size. Most of us read the nutrition facts, but seem to miss the serving size. In other words, if the french fries you’re eating is 370 calories, and the serving size is 1 cup, that equals to 370 calories per 10 fries alone. You would be surprised at the recommended serving sizes of most foods. At most restaurants, you are provided with almost 4 times the recommended serving size (for example, pasta). Cut down on the portion size of what you’re eating, and you will feel less bloated. This is a great first step to eating better!


Read the Facts

It’s important to know what you’re consuming. Make sure you read the nutrition facts to foods that you consume. Learn about what’s recommended, what’s healthy and what’s not. If the numbers are too high, and the serving sizes are too small, maybe the food isn't worth it. You can substitute it with a different, healthier choice that is still tasty!


Calories Aren’t Everything

Although watching your calorie intake is important, it’s not the only thing to watch. You want to make sure that what you’re eating isn’t too high in sodium (salt intake), carbs and cholesterol. Apply the amounts to the serving size and make sure it’s appropriate to your recommended daily intake. You don’t have to eat incredibly healthy, this can be done with your favorite foods, as well. Doing this doesn't take too long and will ensure to make your diet a little better.


Go Light

Another simple step to a better diet, is simply going light! Many foods, such as cream cheese, milk, and other dairy products have light, or low fat versions. Milk also has a fat free product that in my opinion, tastes even better than 3% milk. Products high in sodium also have a low sodium version. This is such a simple way to make your diet better and take baby steps.


Skip the Soda

The chemicals and amount of sugar found in sodas are insanely high. They tend to make me bloated and feel sick. Something as simple as cutting down or getting rid of sodas altogether will make a great difference. Try to substitute it with orange juice or water. Sodas are known to destroy your teeth, as well. It’s so not worth it! Do yourself and your health a favor, and skip the soda.


Go Whole

Another simple step to eating better is changing your diet to whole grains. When you go food shopping, go for whole grain bread and whole grain pastas. When you’re at a restaurant, ask for whole grain bread instead of white bread. Whole grains are low in fat and have been proven to reduce the risk of diseases. In my opinion, just like fat free milk, I believe whole grain bread tastes way better than white bread.


Short and Sweet

For my last step to eating better, literally keep your sweets intake short and sweet. Us girls love chocolate and other desserts, but try to cut down on them. One way to do this is by choosing one day of the week to enjoy our yummy sweets. Along with this, you can make sure that your portion size of the dessert is small. That way you satisfy your sweet tooth without eating too much!

That’s it for my advice on different steps to eating better. A healthy diet is crucial for a healthy and happy lifestyle. Make sure you get your recommended intake of veggies and fruits, dairy, grains and protein! Follow these steps and you will be headed in the right direction. What are some steps you recommend for a better diet?

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3% milk?

Never eat or drink anything low fat..!!! It replaces good fats with sugars and fillers that are red flags to a healthy self.

Nice tips

how about tips for a healthy diet

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