7 Tips for Choosing a Diet Buddy ...


7 Tips for Choosing a Diet Buddy ...
7 Tips for Choosing a Diet Buddy ...

For some, the key to success in a diet is having the right support, the people in your life who uplift and encourage you, even after you had a major run-in with a calorie-rich cheese cake. But choosing a diet buddy isn’t always easy — sometimes not even your bestie or your sister is just the right choice. But I can help! Draw up a list of your friends you think might fit the bill, then go through this checklist… these are 7 tips for choosing the best diet buddy!

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No matter how uplifting and encouraging a potential diet buddy is, it won’t matter if she’s not available. If your schedules can’t coincide, or if she lives really far away, she may not be the best choice. You need someone you can meet with at least two or three times a week… if both of you can’t commit because you can’t make your schedules work, move on. There are plenty of other people on your list of potentials, so don’t feel bad!



Let’s face it: a skinny girl may not make the best diet buddy, especially if she’s never struggled with her weight. You need someone who understands the temptation of cheese cake, not someone who can still eat three pieces without instantly gaining sixteen pounds.


Similar Goals

On the other hand, if you’re dieting to lose just a few pounds, your friend who’s battling to lose 50 may not be the best diet buddy. You’ll want someone who has similar weight loss goals to your own, so you can compare milestones, meal plans, and the like.


Not Too Hard, Not Too Soft

Yes, Goldilocks, you’ll want a diet buddy who’s not too soft, not too hard… one who’s just right! You don’t want to feel bullied into skipping that bowl of chocolate ice cream but you also don’t want a diet buddy who’s a push-over and won’t hold you accountable, either…


No Frenemies Allowed

While this might seem obvious, you’d be surprised how many of my friends chose a mutual frenemy as a diet buddy. Big mistake! While frenemies are great at pointing out flaws, they’re not so great about providing help and encouragement. In fact, why do we keep them around at all, even when we’re not dieting?


You Can Help Her, Too

If you’ve got a finalist in mind, consider yourself against this checklist… would YOU make a good diet buddy for HER? If not, then she might not be the right choice, since really, you’ll be her diet buddy, too! It really does work both ways…


Go with a Pro?

If you can’t narrow the field, or if no-one in your circle of friends seems ideal, then consider going with a pro, a personal trainer or nutritionist/dietician. Most gyms have one on staff, and if not, they can certainly recommend someone. It’s worth the expense to have a pro on your side… after all, if we hire pros to do our hair, why not spend about the same amount on a diet buddy?

Now that you’ve reviewed your list of potential diet buddies against my list, do you have a front-runner? I hope so! It’s not always easy choosing a diet buddy, but you’ll both be there for each other, and it can actually be fun! Do you have any other tips to share for choosing a diet-pal? Please let me know!

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This is a great list! You need someone who will be reliable and support you in your efforts!

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