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How to Maintain Your Weight - this is something a lot of readers want to know. Think about it: you've finally done it! You stuck to your diet and exercise and gotten to your goal weight. Time to celebrate, then get to the everyday ho-hum of maintaining your weight. But no worries! It's not as complicated or difficult as it sounds. It's much simpler to maintain your weight than it is to lose weight, for sure, so let's get going! Here are 7 tips on maintaining your weight.

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Know Your Ideal Weight

I suppose before you can focus on maintaining your weight, you should know if you're at a healthy weight, right? If you're unsure, ask your doctor, or use the free tools at choosemyplate.gov.


Know the Math

Maintaining your weight really can be as simple as a math formula. If you want to keep your weight stable, the amount of calories you consume must be about the same as the calories you burn. If you're not sure, keep track! I'd recommend a calorie-counting app to help you out.


Don't Stop Working out

Just because you've reached your goal weight, you can't stop working out. First of all, you'll notice that your muscle mass and heart health will decline almost immediately after you stop, even after just a few weeks. Your workout may not have to be as intense, but yes, you still do need a regular, strenuous, sweat-inducing workout to maintain your weight.


Don't Stop Eating Well

Along with keeping your workout routine, you'll also need to maintain a healthful, well-balanced diet if you want to maintain your weight. Again, you don't have to be as particular about your diet as you were when you were counting every calorie, skipping every indulgence — but stray from your diet too far, and you'll be back where you started. Yikes!


Try for Five

The best diet advice I can give to help you maintain your weight? Try for five servings of fresh fruits and veggies every day. I know they're loaded with carbs, so many of you will probably freak at this suggestion, but they're healthful, valuable carbs, carbs you'll need to maintain your weight and keep your body healthy and happy inside and out.


Stay Inspired

Perhaps you've forgotten why you went on your weight loss journey to begin with, so you may have also lost sight of why you're so thrilled to be at your goal weight now. Look back at photos of you before you started your journey, and compare them to how you look and feel now. Amazing, no? All the more reason to maintain your weight. It's a lot simpler to maintain it than to lose it again, remember?


Find Some Friends

We all need a little support now and again, especially when we're

See? It's not difficult to maintaining your weight, especially with these tips, especially after how hard you worked to get it off! You'll be able to do it, darling, I know you can! Which of these tips will you find helpful, or do you have another idea for maintaining your weight? So tell!

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