7 Fun Ways to Start Changing up Your Healthy Eating Habits if You're in a Rut ...


7 Fun Ways to Start Changing up Your Healthy Eating Habits if You're in a Rut ...
7 Fun Ways to Start Changing up Your Healthy Eating Habits if You're in a Rut ...

Perhaps you’ve been eating healthy, but are getting bored and considering changing your eating habits. You don’t have to choose unhealthy foods when changing your eating habits, if you’re tired of your usual choices each day. Instead of reverting to your old junk foods, or to tempting alternatives that aren’t good for your brain or body, try some of my favorite fun ways to change up your eating habits and enjoy eating healthy in a different way. It’s never good to be in a food rut, even in a healthy one!

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Change Your Breakfast

Let’s just start with one of the first meals for changing your eating habits this week, which is breakfast! If you go to your standards oats, smoothie or protein bar every morning, stop! For the love of good food, breakfast is the best meal of the day, if you ask me! It is the first thing you get to eat, and your chance to start things off fun, tasty and healthy. If I get tired of my usual green smoothie, what I usually do is change up the flavor. For instance, if I have berry flavored smoothie one day, I’ll do straight cacao or coconut the next day. Or, I”ll add in some nut butter or Greek yogurt for a whole new taste. Or, if you’re tired of a smoothie, try a bowl of oats topped with yogurt, berries and almond butter. Tired of oats too? Try some yogurt with a protein pancake and some berries!


Get New Recipes

Another fun way to change up your food routine is to find some new recipes. I promise you, I'm a complete foodie and health food nut, and I still find new recipes that I wish I had thought of earlier. You can find tons of great healthy recipes on blogs and website, like this one!


Get New Inspiration

Perhaps another reason you’re getting tired of your usual food choices is because you’ve been eating the same thing and need some new inspiration. Perhaps you’re in need of a reminder of why you’re choosing to eat healthy, or you’ve simply forgotten what it is about healthy food that’s important. You need to constantly find new sources of inspiration. Read articles by healthy people, read health blogs and keep up with the health news in the media. All of these can be reminders of why healthy food is so important, and you’ll probably get some new ideas in the process.


Change up the Flavoring

Maybe you’ve been eating the same can of tuna, the same sandwich, or the same wrap everyday for lunch. How about changing up the flavor of your foods? My favorite way to do this is with herbs and spices, or salt-free blends like Mrs. Dash, which comes in 14 different varieties!


Make Healthy Comfort Foods

If you’re truly craving a comfort food, that’s okay! Just make your own healthy version! It’s really easy to do with soups and bread recipes, believe it or not. You can find many healthy versions of almost any comfort food out there, from muffins, to pancakes, to lasagna, spaghetti, burgers, cakes, soups and more. Just start hunting, and get some healthier versions of your favorite comfort foods, don’t cave into the old ones!


Think about What Your Body Needs

If you eat the same foods everyday, you might be keeping your body from nutrients it needs. You need a variety of foods in your diet to be your healthiest self. Be sure to change up all your foods and never eat the same thing everyday.


Add Fun Toppings

Tired of plain old yogurt, oatmeal or smoothies? Tired of the same salads and entrees? Add some fun toppings! My favorite way to do this is add ground flax, some crumbled walnuts and almonds to almost all my foods. I also like goji berries, cacao nibs, shredded coconut or fun, colorful veggies like grape tomatoes, shredded carrots and pretty spices like cinnamon, ginger and turmeric. Just be sure to pair your flavors up properly. I am not about to sprinkle turmeric on a smoothie just because it’s a pretty orange spice!

If you’re bored with your healthy food choices, I hope you’ll give these suggestions a try. I suggest asking others for new ways to eat healthy too. You can get some of the best ideas from people you know, believe it or not! Do you have a tip for changing up meals to keep them healthy and fun too?

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5 and 6 made me think. I like eating healthy very much because it makes me feel better, I have more energy and it helps me stay in shape. So far i can agree with no.5. However, sometimes my body craves the bad food high in unhealthy fats and sugar. Of course i know it's my mind too who craves unhealthy food, but what i mean is that my body really needs it. I don't feel puffy, fat, tired or physically bad in any way after letting myself go and eat a bag of chips and a lot of cookies and candy. I guess my body really needs it because it takes it very well :)

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