7 Lunchbox Diet Tips That Will Make a Difference in Your Whole Day ...

If you’re dieting and trying to eat healthy during the day, carrying your lunch can be a great place to start, so long as you keep some lunchbox diet tips in mind. Lunch is one of the most important meals for influencing your hormones, mood and blood sugar for the rest of the day. It is so important to pick smart choices at lunch, and make your calories work for you, not against you. You could eat twice the amount of calories you need and not get the nutrients your body needs at the exact same time. If you don’t pick the right foods to eat at lunch, or any other meal for that matter, no amount of food will satisfy you the right way. Also, save your money and your calories by bringing your lunch, not eating out. Most restaurant choices, even ones that seem healthy, are loaded with excess calories or sodium. This can leave you hungry later on much sooner, make you tired, give you headaches, can ruin your budget, and can make you bloated and fatigued, robbing your ability to focus when returning to work. Stick with these great lunchbox diet tips so you can be sure your midday meal is one that slims down your waistline and your budget!

1. Pick Protein

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One of the best lunchbox diet tips I have for you is to pick protein to put into your lunchbox. Protein is so important for your body on a number of levels. First, it contains the essential amino acids your body needs for healthy brain function, blood sugar regulation, a fast metabolism, and energy levels. Protein calms your stress hormones, and keeps you alert and awake, while being stimulant free, unlike those extra soy lattes at Starbucks you might have turned to previously. Protein from foods like salmon, tofu, tuna, lean chicken, lean turkey, eggs and egg whites, a healthy protein smoothie, etc. are all great sources. Be sure to get in roughly around 18-25 grams in at lunch for the best fat burning and best blood sugar stabilizing benefits.

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