Health Hacks to Improve Your Diet ...

Sometimes, changing your diet isn’t always about doing something really restrictive to drop lots of weight, it can also just be about making a few tweaks and adjustments in order to put yourself in the best possible shape. Juice cleanses and water fasts are all good and well for a very temporary effort, but those types of diets aren’t sustainable. Here are some great health hacks to improve your diet overall.

1. Set Meal Times

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Your body and metabolism will always respond better when you let it enjoy a regular schedule, so pick meal times that are convenient for your lifestyle and stick to them. The more regular your lunch and dinner can be especially, the less likely you will be to be tempted to snack at weird moments throughout the day.

2. Avoid Comfort Eating

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We all do it, we all grab for things like chocolate or junk savoury snacks when we want to bury our feelings with food instead of actually facing them. Try to break this chain by starting another habit instead, perhaps texting a friend to start a conversation whenever you feel like you could head to the fridge.

3. Mindful Eating

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When you do sit down for your daily meals, make sure that you eat at a table and not on the couch in front of the TV. The more you concentrate on the act of eating, the more you will enjoy the experience, and you will be less likely to wolf down more than you need because you aren’t distracted.

4. Avoid Liquid Meals

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There is no point being strict and thoughtful about your meal times when you are inadvertently adding up extra calories consumed with beverages that contain massive hidden counts. Sodas and alcohol, in particular, can often contain just as many calories as a healthy meal, so be wary of how much liquid you are consuming.

5. Meal Prep

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If you are someone who works a lot of shifts at different and changing times, then it can be helpful to do a week’s worth of meal prep so that you always have something healthy to come home to and heat up rather than being tired and opting for easy junk food.

6. Gut Bacteria

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You can do a lot for your base level health if you do work to improve your overall gut health. The more good bacteria you have in your gut, the better off you will be, so make more of an effort to include probiotic foods in your diet.

7. Home Cooked Meals

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Get into the habit of cooking for yourself much more than you get takeout or go to restaurants. The only way you can truly have control of what goes into your body is if you make it all at home from scratch!

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