7 Unexpected Things to Help You Diet ...


7 Unexpected Things to Help You Diet ...
7 Unexpected Things to Help You Diet ...

It seems like there are so many things in this world specifically designed to sabotage your diet — fast food commercials, the new mint-flavored M&Ms, every single episode of Game of Thrones (you simply must consume snack foods while watching). But did you know there are also lots of things to help you diet, things you may not expect? It’s true! If you’re doubtful, keep reading my dear. Here are 7 unexpected things to help you diet.

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The TV

There are so many shows that can inspire you to lose weight (like The Biggest Loser) and so many shows that can give you sound diet advice and tips (like The Doctors), the TV is actually a great thing to help you diet. DVR the shows you think might help, and skip the fast food commercials!


Your Phone

Your smart phone is one of the best things to help you diet. How? The apps, my dear! There are helpful apps for tracking activity, counting calories, even apps for recipes and fitness routines. Download a few (my fave is the free Jillian Michaels Slim-Down Solution), and see which help you the most!


Your Doctor

There is at least one other person in this world who cares just as much about your healthy body weight as you do, and that’s your doctor. He or she will also be able to tell you what exactly you need to work on, and even give you some helpful hints and tips that you know are safe and effective.


Your Friends

Your friends supported you when you decided to lop off all your hair and hated it, they supported you when you broke up with that cheating louse boyfriend, and they’ll support you when you decide to start a serious weight-loss journey. They can provide encouragement, low-cal recipes, and even some motivation. Wouldn’t you like to be as fit as your friend Denise, the runner? Heck yes! Use her for motivation!


The Grocery Store

Did you know the place where all the food is may actually be one of the best things to help you diet? It’s true! The grocery store is laid out with the fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, dairy, and lean proteins right around the perimeter, with all the junk foods hidden in the inner aisles. Track your shopping cart around the outside edges of the grocery store, load on up on healthy foods, then head straight for the checkout. Thank you, grocery store architect and designer!


Your Dog

Man’s best friend is also a dieter’s best friend — that’s right, Fifi or Fido can be one of the other things to help you lose weight! Most canine companions want lots of exercise, something you can help with… long walks, games of chase, quick jogs, runs on the beach, you name it! Exercising with your puppy pal is so much more fun than exercising alone.


Your IPod

Is there any better way to get through the last four minutes of your treadmill time than by listening to the Ramones “I Wanna Be Sedated”? I think not. Your iPod can be a marvelous motivational tool, definitely one of the best things to help you diet. Fitness is key to a proper diet plan, after all, and music can mean the difference between a workout that rocks and burns calories, and a wimpy workout that’s not worth the gym time at all.

With so many completely unexpected tips, tricks, tools, people and gadgets that are all somehow secretly designed to help you diet, you’re almost guaranteed to succeed! Which of these things to help you diet surprised you, and which do you already use? Or is there something else I need to add to my list? Please let me know… I’d love to hear your ideas!

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I use a bunch daily: MyFitnessPal to track food, which syncs to my Fitbit app (which syncs to the FitBit ultra tracker in my pocket, counting steps, stairs, calories burned, and hours slept), Waterlogged (a REALLY handy app that reminds you to keep sipping through out the day based on your goal), and Pillboxie (reminds me what supplements to take and how often)... those are just a few of my faves! :-D

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