8 Tips on How to Eat Healthier ...


8 Tips on How to Eat Healthier ...
8 Tips on How to Eat Healthier ...

How to Eat Healthier? If you mad ea resolution to eat healthier this year, and just keep falling back into your old eating habits, I can help! There are so many ways to eat healthier, and most of them are really, really easy — sometimes it’s as simple as just switching from one food to another! Want to know more? Keep reading! Here are 8 tips on how to eat healthier.

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Try for Five

If you want to eat healthier, the USDA has one great recommendation that will help: aim for five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day. They’re loaded with all sorts of nutrients your body needs to function properly, and they can even help you maintain a healthy weight.


Shop the Perimeter

Did you know you could eat healthier just by changing your shopping habits? If you stick to the perimeter of the grocery store, where the fresh fruits and veggies and whole grain breads are sold, and avoid the inside aisles, where the calorie, sodium, and fat-laden prepared and processed foods are, you’ll be eating better in no time!


Switch to Whole Grain

The process that makes white bread white (which uses actual BLEACH) also leeches the flavor, fiber, and other nutrients from it. Ick! But whole grain bread, made with all three parts of the grain, has it all — flavor, fiber, and key nutrients.


Stay Away from Fast Food

With few notable exceptions, fast food is just plain nasty, packed with empty calories and too much fat. By avoiding fast food, you’ll be eating healthier, especially if you’re following these other ways to eat healthier… remember, processed foods at the grocery store aren’t much better than fast food!


Ditch the Soda

Speaking of empty calories and nasty chemicals, soda comes to mind. Even if you’re drinking low-cal or calorie-free soda, it’s still not good for you, especially with so many other, healthier beverage choices out there, like nutrient rich mixed juices and even water.


Watch Your Portions

Let’s try an experiment. Grab a bowl and pour what you think is a serving of cereal. Now measure what you poured and see how it compares to the actual serving size on the side of the box. Chances are, you poured about two times what a serving size is! Get familiar with what actual serving sizes look like, so you can count your calories accordingly.


Don’t Skip Breakfast

If you think you can eat healthier or lose weight simply by skipping breakfast, or any other meal, think again. Eating five small meals a day, rather than two or three big ones, with help you eat healthier. How? Because then you won’t be hungry, so you won’t be as likely to make desperate, starvation-inspired food choices… also, eating smaller meals more often will keep your metabolism rocking.


Switch to Skim

Milk does a body good… unless it’s whole milk. Make the switch from whole milk to 2% or skim, and you’ll ditch a few calories, most of them from fat. It does take some getting used to, but soon, you won’t mind a bit.

It’s true; simply following these tips about how to eat healthier, and you’ll be making healthy eating habits to last a lifetime! Which of these ways will you start to eat healthier first? Or will you dive in and do them all at once? Please share!

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