10 Foods to Avoid While Dieting ...


Whether you're just starting your weight loss journey, or you've been dieting for a while, you know there are certain pit-fall foods you just shouldn't eat, aka foods to avoid while dieting. But we all need a little reminder now and again, don't we? And sweetie, I can help! Here are 10 Foods to Avoid While Dieting... let's see if your very own evil temptation is included, shall we?

1. Soda

If you drink regular soda, then this is aimed at you. While it's not technically a food to avoid while dieting, it still counts because it's loaded with so many empty calories in the form of sugar. Plus, most of the 20-ounce bottles we tend to consume are actually TWO servings, and most of us don't realize that.

Cream-based Soups
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