8 Places to Avoid when on a Diet ...


There are lots of places to avoid when on a diet. In fact, it seems like the entire world, everywhere you go, is out to sabotage you. You never noticed it before, but temptation lurks everywhere, in places you wouldn’t expect! Perhaps it’s best if you know, up front, what are these wicked places to avoid when you're on a diet, and I can help. Whether you’ve been dieting for a while and have stalled, or are getting ready to start a diet, these are the 7 places to avoid when on a diet. Brace yourself!

1. Fast Food Joints

No matter how convenient or cheap you think fast food is, it tops my list of places to avoid when on a diet for one clear reason — it’s loaded with calories, most of them from fat. This goes for cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets alike. If you must eat fast food, for whatever reason, check the calorie count and nutritional content to make sure it’s a good choice… for example, a salad without dressing and without breaded fried chicken and cheese chunks is probably a good choice, but the double-deluxe bacon burger with fries and a soda? That contains all the calories you’re supposed to consume in an entire DAY.

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