7 Most over-Rated Diet Supplements ...


7 Most over-Rated Diet Supplements ...
7 Most over-Rated Diet Supplements ...

Diet Supplements are a dime a dozen; it's like a new one appears magically every day. The diet and weight loss industries are worth billions every year, and among the most popular products, of course, are diet supplements that promise weight loss or an increased metabolism. But many of these products simply don’t work and are a waste of your time and money… ouch! Double whammy! But my dear, I can help. A little digging and a lot of careful research, and I can dispel some myths and let you know about a few of the popular diet supplements that are simply over-rated…

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Hoodia (Hoodia Gordonii)

The promise of this diet supplement may be attractive — it’s promoted as an appetite suppressant — but it’s never been clinically tested on humans, and even its testing on rodents has been inconclusive. So while the internet banner ads and late-night TV commercials swear it’s the real deal, we can’t find any evidence that, in fact, it’s anything other than untested and over-rated.


Chromium Picolinate

While chromium may (and notice I said MAY) help prevent the common cold, it’s also recently been hyped as an aid for weight loss. However, multiple clinical studies have shown it’s entirely over-rated, and has no weight loss properties or benefits at all. NONE.



I’m not sure I’d want to ingest this diet supplement anyway, given that it’s made from the shells of crustaceans… but I’m also hesitant because, contrary to the hype around it, chitosan hasn’t been shown to help with weight loss, or anything else, either. There haven’t been any clinical studies of note, so perhaps this compound holds promise, but, according to LIVESTRONG.COM, a review of scientific material on chitosan hasn’t been very supportive of weight loss claims.


Sports Beans

Here’s something else I believe that’s supported by research cited on LIVESTRONG.COM: those cute performance-enhancing jelly beans (also called Sports Beans) aren’t any more effective than a small box of raisins. Plus, in my opinion, the raisins taste a lot better…


Cordyceps Sinensis

Wow, this sounds bad, and it doesn’t work! This is derived from a parasitic fungus, and is touted as boosting performance and endurance. But there’s only ever been one clinical study, and the results were dismal: the placebo group actually performed better than the group taking the diet supplement.



If you’re using this diet supplement to try and lose weight by kicking up your metabolism, beware. Multiple independent tests haven’t shown it to be effective at all. Don’t waste your money.


Garcinia Cambogia

This herbal diet supplement makes big promises: that you’ll lose more weight, faster. But every clinical study has proven that results are, at best, spotty and difficult to replicate. Avoid the “milk tea” and other similar diet supplements.

There are so many diet supplements that absolutely do not work. Save your money and invest it in a new pair of jeans once you reach your goal weight the only truly effective way — through regular strenuous exercise and a healthful, well-balanced diet. Hooray for skinny jeans, right? Which of these diet supplements have you tried, and how did they work for you? Or are there other over-rated, ineffective diet supplements I didn’t include on my list? Please share, so no one else has to waste their money!

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What did u mean by "unable to replicate" and something about milk? With the garcinia. Thanks :)

Garcinia worked for me. I lost around 10 pounds, but i exercised too

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