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8 Times when It's OK to Cheat on Your Diet ...

By Jennifer

Cheat on your diet — do these words alone make you feel guilty? They shouldn’t! There are lots of times when it’s okay to cheat on your diet, because after all, isn’t a healthy diet about more than losing weight? It’s a lifelong habit, a lifestyle, so it’s okay to cheat once in a while, really! But when is it okay to cheat on your diet, you ask? Here are some examples…

1 When You’re Sick

I know when I’m sick, I’m not thinking of calories. I’m thinking comfort (chicken noodle soup) or I’m thinking of my sore throat (fruit juice bars) or worst of all, I’m thinking about what I can keep down (ginger ale). When you’re sick, it’s okay to cheat on your diet a little.

2 When You’re on Vacation

Look, girl, you’re on vacation! Cheating a little while you’re away from home is okay… you don’t want to be sitting there counting the calories in your daiquiri instead of enjoying it! Don’t go overboard and gain then pounds during your week-long holiday, though. Just cheat on your diet a little, and don’t feel guilty.

3 When You’re Having a Craving

I have an incurable sweet tooth. There is nothing I can do about it. I do keep snacks on hand that offer healthy ways to cure it, like fresh berries or carob (instead of chocolate). But once in a while, you have to give in to the allure of cheesecake! This is another time it’s okay to cheat on a diet.

4 When You’re at a Birthday Party

Birthday cake. Ice cream. Chips. Don’t indulge in all three, but choose one of them, in a small size, or you run the risk of grabbing every single fondant rose off that cake and we don’t want that, do we? No. Indulge, or cheat, a little. It’s okay. It’s a party!

5 When You’re at a Holiday Party

I once read an article about how to stick to your diet while at holiday parties. It did not sound like fun. Yes, it’s a good idea to eat before you arrive. And it’s also wise to drink water or something else low-cal rather than grazing on junk all night. But come on! How often do you get to celebrate the season with Aunt Caroline from California? Cut loose, a little. Enjoy the mashed potatoes without gravy, then!

6 When You’re on a Date

Ask any guy and he’ll tell you how wretchedly uncomfortable it is for him to mow on a steak while his date is picking at a salad with low-cal dressing. Perhaps another time to cheat on a diet, just a little, is while you’re on a date. I’m not saying to choose just anything off the menu, but don’t feel you have to count every calorie on every date…

7 When You’re Stuck with Raging PMS

PMS is an actual medical condition. It also makes a handy excuse for cheating on a diet, just a little. Be careful though, sweetie! Don’t make it a habit to indulge every crazy hormone-driven craving, every month!

8 When You’re at the Movies!

Is there anything yummier than movie popcorn and soda to wash it down? No, at least not if you’re American. Grab a diet cola and un-buttered popcorn if you’re serious about your diet, but if you want to cheat, switch to the real soda OR the slightly buttered popcorn and enjoy that chick flick AND cheat on your diet!

I’m sure there are many more times when it’s okay to cheat on a diet, but these are the times when I tend to do it, guilt-free! Then, during the rest of my life, I’m a good girl and live my healthy lifestyle. But what about you? When do you think it’s okay to cheat on a diet? How do our lists match up? Do tell!

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