7 Faux-Pas for Dieters to Avoid ...


7 Faux-Pas for Dieters to Avoid ...
7 Faux-Pas for Dieters to Avoid ...

Sweetie, I know you’re so proud of how well you’re doing on your diet, but please have mercy on the rest of us, the ones who haven’t been quite so good at ignoring the temptation of the cursed cheesecake. Trust me, we feel bad enough as it is, not being able to fit into our favorite summer shorts. And I do have a bit more advice to share, if you don’t mind… here are 7 faux-pas for dieters to avoid (while the rest of us grab a handful of celery sticks).

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Spread the Guilt

If you’re at dinner with friends, and you suffer a weak moment and give in to the allure of a crème brulee, don’t make the other diners feel guilty for their indulgence, too. The same goes for potato salad at a BBQ or even wedding cake at your cousin’s wedding. If you’re feeling guilty, that’s one thing. But don’t spread it around!


Assume Someone else is Dieting

This sort of goes hand-in-hand with the above about guilt — it’s not a good idea to assume everyone else you know is as diet-conscious as you. Offering a suggestion about caloric values or about grams of fat may not be welcome, especially if your slightly chubby friend is not, in fact, on a diet. That’s one faux-pas well all want to avoid, not just dieters, right?


Be Overzealous

Believe me, we’re all delighted you’re so successful with your diet. But we don’t want to hear about it every waking minute of the day. Feel free to post a Facebook update or Tweet that’s NOT diet-related. And enough with the sexy new photos, okay?


Be Discouraging

The flip side of that coin is you also don’t want to be a diet-downer, someone who’s always complaining about the cheesecakes missed, the butter on the popcorn left behind. In general, it’s a bad idea to be a total downer about anything… but it’s worse to hear constant whining about a difficult diet.


Worship the Scale

It’s also no fun to be around someone who’s always freaking out about calories. If a friend offers you a mint, don’t assume she knows how many calories are in it. Don’t harass your waiter about the difference in calories a side of cheese might make. And don’t check your weight on a scale every five minutes, either. The tiny numbers along the way don’t really count. There’s a natural fluctuation in everyone’s weight… and I think Altoids might be calorie-free?


Make Unwanted Suggestions

If you have a friend whose weight problem makes you concerned, that’s one thing, though your thoughts need to be shared in a conversation separate from tales about your own diet. However, don’t assume every one of your friends who could stand to lose 10 pounds wants to hear your fitness and nutrition advice. Remember, not everyone is meant to be, or wants to be, a size 6.


Be Insincere

This is a faux-pas we should all avoid, not just dieters — it’s never a good idea to be insincere in our advice, compliments, or really anything else. If someone asks your honest opinion, give it tactfully. But don’t sugar-coat and don’t be insincere. It’s insulting.

Remember, I ask you to avoid these dieter’s faux-pas out of love, not because I’m terribly jealous… well, maybe only a tiny bit jealous. And please, do me a favor, and remind me of these once I lose that last five pounds.

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