8 Reasons You Can Not Ignore to Diet This Very Winter ...


8 Reasons You Can Not Ignore to Diet This Very Winter ...
8 Reasons You Can Not Ignore to Diet This Very Winter ...

Baby, ti's cold outside, and while a double-whip mocha latte with peppermint might seem like a must-have every single chilly day, those extra calories add up! Just because it's winter, you can't ignore your diet, or, trust me, in a few months, when your favorite skinny jeans don't fit anymore, you'll regret it... and that's just the start! Here are 8 reasons you can not ignore to diet this very winter.

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Bikini Season Will Be Here before You Know It!

May might sound like ages away, but it's not... and remember it takes a lot longer to LOSE weight than it does to GAIN it... so every ounce you gain is going to mean ages of dieting later... why not just stick to your diet all winter, and save yourself the hassle later on.


Two Words: Winter Getaway

Remember when I said bikini season, which starts in May, will be here before you know it? Well, if you're planning a winter getaway somewhere warm, bikini season is even closer! The last thing you'll want to worry about as you're packing your getaway essentials is whether or not your swimsuit and dresses will fit.


You'll Have More Energy

If you're feeling drained at the end of every day, just ready to crash on the couch and watch some TV, then you might need to stick to your diet, and exercise, too! If you do these two things, keeping your fall and summer routines, you'll have more energy... hooray!


You'll Have Less Stress

Let's face it. The holidays are fun, but they can also be stressful. A healthy diet and regular exercise this winter will help bust that stress. Can you think of a better reason to diet?


You'll Sleep Better

Here's another bonus to keeping your diet and exercise routine going this winter — you'll find that you'll sleep better. Of course, don't exercise too close to bed-time, and try not to eat anything protein or carb-rich before bedtime, either.


Less Guilt from the Extra Calories

I loathe the feeling of guilt, and if you do too, you don't want to stop dieting, or ignore your diet, this winter. Escape the guilt by sticking to the diet and exercise program you've been doing all along.


You'll Be a Good Example

We all have those friends in our life who inspire us to be healthy and fit... why not become that inspiration to your friends and family? Set a good example by sticking to your diet and exercise... go, girl, go!


You'll Have More Confidence

When you look good, you feel good... and if you look good, have less stress, sleep better, and strive to set a good example, you'll have loads more confidence! This is perhaps the best reason to diet of all of them.

With so many good reasons to diet, or stick to your diet, this winter, why on earth would you give in to all that temptation? Nibble a cookie or two at the holiday parties then politely decline, and when everyone else is panicking when bikini season rolls around, you'll be fit and trim without trying. Yahoo! Which of these reasons to diet makes the most sense to you? Or is there another reason you stick to your diet all winter long? Let me know, I can't wait to read them!

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