The Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Relationship with Food for a Better You ...


The Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Relationship with Food for a Better You ...
The Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Relationship with Food for a Better You ...

Being healthy means having a healthy relationship with food. If you have a good relationship with food you are less likely to need to diet to lose weight and you are less susceptible to food fads. You can enjoy the things you want to eat because of your attitude towards food. Your mental and physical health are intertwined and food is a major factor in this. These are the things to do to ensure your relationship with food is a good one.

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Be Mindful of What You Choose to Eat

nose, cartoon, anime, facial expression, One of the best ways to have a better relationship with food is to make the effort to be really mindful of the food that you are choosing to eat. It can be hard to train your brain not to just eat the things that it wants, but instead eating the things that your body needs, but it’s a really worthwhile change to make.


Don’t Deprive Yourself of Treats

meal, coffee cup, tableware, breakfast, If you spend all of your time willfully depriving yourself of treat foods, then it is very likely that you will crash and go on a binge of sorts. To regulate these cravings, have a little of something you love every now and then and your mood will improve overall.


Graze Throughout the Day

play, illustration, mobile device, toy, Xxxxx, It’s a good idea to graze on healthy foods and snacks throughout the day instead of starving yourself and then overeating at specific meal times. Grazing can also help to improve your metabolism.


Don’t Compare Yourself to Other People

anime, person, cartoon, black hair, thigh, This is always going to be a losing battle. Every single person and the way that they treat food is different, so don’t try to replicate somebody else. Instead focus on finding a balance that is right for you.


Try Not to Feel Guilty when You Indulge

person, hair, hairstyle, black hair, anime, So long as you make sure that you treat yourself to indulgent foods sparingly, there should be no reason to feel guilty for having a slice of cake at the end of a tough week.


Make Your House a Healthy Food Zone

furniture, chair, shoe, dish, You can avoid falling into junk traps simply by not having that kind of food in your house. If there are no potato chips to grab for when you fancy them, then you won’t be able to eat them, it’s a simple as that! Keep healthy snacks in your home. It’s an easy way to make a big change.


Always Remember to Eat Breakfast

violin family, painting, string instrument, bowed string instrument, illustration, Lots of people tend to skip breakfast for time reasons, but the only way to ensure you don’t crash mid-morning is to get some fuel in to your body at the beginning of the day. It can stop you from bingeing and making bad decisions later on.


Avoid Trying Too Many Fad Diets

anime, sketch, illustration, sculpture, drawing, Fad diets are fads for one simple reason; they might work short term but have little to no long term effect. The truth is that the only way to have a good relationship with food is to educate yourself on what you should and should not be eating on a daily basis.


Don’t Eat until You Are Uncomfortably Full

anime, person, brown hair, We can all feel that state of food coma coming when we are enjoying a meal, and the trick is to stop before you cross over that line into serious indigestion and bloating.


Don’t Count Calories, Just Eat Healthy

dish, cartoon, sculpture, food, dessert, You don’t need to count calories when you know in your heart that you are eating foods that are good for you. Counting calories can be dangerous because it can lead to people making poor decisions and sacrificing half of their daily allowances for a single piece of junk food.

Your relationship with food is all about developing good habits. Have good habits and there’s little room for bad ones.

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the gifs were really adorable & great advice as well :)

Good post!

Really good advice! I struggle with food as I use it to comfort myself if I'm stressed, sad or upset. I struggle with food all the time 😔

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