Helpful Ways to Find the Right Diet for You ...


Helpful Ways to Find the Right Diet for You ...
Helpful Ways to Find the Right Diet for You ...

So many people out there are just trying to find ways to find the right diet. We’re literally bombarded with advertisements for diets, media reports on dieting, or we're always reading about the latest dieting trend. It could easily make someone looking to drop weight want to pull their hair out! So many people that I know feel like they've tried everything, and still can’t get control of their weight. To find the best ways to find the right diet, consider some of the things below. While I can’t tell you what diet will be the answer to your prayers, I hope these tips will at least lead you to knowing how to find the right one for you.

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Of all the ways to find the right diet, investigation has to top the list. Always do your research on any diets that interest you. Reading an advertisement, hearing about the diet from a celebrity, or seeing the diet on a television show isn't exactly research. Go online to see if there are any studies on it, consider reading a book, or visiting a non-affiliated website about it. This will give you by the book facts to see just how many people of what age and lifestyle have actually lost weight, to see if it’s worth considering.


Take a Look at the Food

If a diet you’re interested in asks you to eat foods that don’t agree with your body like beans, grains, meats, or dairy, then you might not want to go that route. I love the idea of a raw food diet, but my body can’t tolerate all those raw veggies and sprouts. Other people find that while they like the idea of a low-carb diet, they can’t bear all the meat, eggs, and butter. Whatever diet has food in it that you like and think you might enjoy, might be something wothywhile trying. Always look at the food you’ll be eating first, to see if it suits your tastes.


Beware of Shakes and Bars

Any diet that asks you to eat boxed bars, shakes, or processed food should be avoided. This is not the type of diet to follow and it's is nothing more than a marketing hype, no matter what the diet may tell you otherwise. Plus, these products are pricey and not nearly as budget or diet friendly as whole foods are.



You also need to know if you can afford to eat the kind of diet you’re interested in. A juice diet is going to ask you to buy copious amounts of vegetables and a juicer. Do you have the money and time to go on a juice diet? Will you actually use the juicer, and will you be able to use the produce in time before it spoils? Or, if you’re on a diet that advises eating a lot of animal foods, can you afford it? Other diets that ask you to eat beans, rice, fruits, vegetables, etc. might be more affordable. It doesn’t mean they are right for you, but your budget is something you should definitely consider before starting a diet.


Ease of Use

How easy are the meals to prepare in the diet? I’m all about healthy convenience food. This isn’t fast food or processed foods, but foods I can make right in my kitchen from clean ingredients in under 5 minutes, or 30 at the max. Decide how much time you have and are willing to invest in meal prep before you begin a diet too.


Ask Others

I always think it’s a great idea to see how others who have succeeded on a diet are doing, and how they embraced the diet without going broke or hungry. Ask people you know, or visit a blog that has a community you trust. Having a trustworthy community to put questions to, and get testimonials from might also help you decide.


Strive for Balance

Remember, you aren’t going to stick to an extreme diet for long. It’s not human nature, no matter how excited you might be at first. Strive for balance above all else, not perfection.

I personally think a whole foods diet from clean protein, plenty of fruits and vegetables, gluten-free grains, raw nuts and seeds, high quality animal protein outside of red meat, and healthy fats are the best form of a diet anyone can eat. These are whole foods that are in their most natural state. After that, you can decide which of those doesn’t work for you, but hey - everyone’s different so make the decision that’s best for you. How to you decide how to pick the best way to diet when starting a new one?

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Christa you are absolutely correct. Changing the way you eat and exercise is the healthiest way to go.

Good advice. I roll my eyes whenever a friend tries one of those extreme "fad" diets. There are no shortcuts to weight loss....balanced diet and exercise. That's it. Simple.

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