9 Effective Ways to Stop Eating All the Time ...


9 Effective Ways to Stop Eating All the Time ...
9 Effective Ways to Stop Eating All the Time ...

Do you ever feel like you mindlessly eat during the day without feeling fulfilled and are looking for ways to stop eating all the time? I’ve been in your shoes, and eating mindlessly is frustrating! So, I’ve discovered 9 effective ways to stop eating all the time, so you can eat only when you’re hungry, and not feel guilty about eating too much again!

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Get Regular

One of the most effective ways to stop eating all the time is to eat meals regularly or have small meals during the day so you’re not left feeling hungry when tempted with treats. You’ll have a hard time snacking on junk when you’ve had your fill of good food and you’re not starving!


Waiting Game

Another way to stop eating all the time and avoid eating just to eat is to wait it out. If you have a craving or you have a habit of eating at a certain time during the day, occupy your time by reading or doing something with your hands until the feeling passes so you aren’t tempted to eat while you’re doing something.


Drink up

One way to stop mindless eating is to drink water. Many times we mistake hunger for thirst and dehydration can lead to overeating. The next time you’re tempted to snack on something, drink some water and see if your craving has passed. If you fill up on water and stay hydrated, you’ll feel less hungry because your body has all it needs!


Break Habits

Breaking habits is a huge step in how to stop eating on autopilot. We can get into the habit of overeating without needing to or wanting to, but just simply because you’ve got in the habit of doing it. Try getting out of your routines, try new things and keep yourself occupied. There are so many productive things you can do to occupy yourself!


Keep a Log

A great way to stop eating all the time and get to the bottom of why you are eating is to keep a log. Track your mood, what you eat, the time of day, etc. and see if there are any patterns. Many times we eat out of boredom or emotion and when you know what’s driving you to eat, you’re that much closer to the solution!


Make a Plan

So you know that keeping a log is a good move in how to stop eating on autopilot and once you identify triggers, think about what your desired outcome was from the snacking. Once you figure out the desired outcome, think of a plan where you can achieve that desired feeling or outcome without involving food. There are many ways to achieve a desired result that don’t involve any snacks!


Create Obstacles

Another one of the effective ways to stop eating all the time is to create an obstacle between you and snacks. If you work by someone who always has a candy dish or if your boyfriend always has cookies on hand, create an obstacle between you and the food so you’re not so tempted. Ask your co-worker to put the dish away from your direct vision or ask your boyfriend to nosh on cookies after you leave.


Creating obstacles is an effective way to stop eating all the time, but it can be difficult to do. It requires discipline and a commitment to making changes. It may be helpful to start small and gradually increase the difficulty of the obstacles. For example, if you work with someone who always has a candy dish, start by asking them to move it out of your direct line of sight. If that is not possible, try to move away from it when it is visible.

It is also important to be aware of your environment and the potential triggers for overeating. If you know that certain places or activities cause you to eat more than you should, it may be helpful to avoid them or find a way to distract yourself. For example, if you tend to eat more when watching television, try to find an activity that does not involve food to do instead.

Finally, it can be helpful to create a plan for when you do get tempted to overeat. Make a list of things to do when you feel the urge to eat, such as going for a walk, drinking a glass of water, or calling a friend. Having a plan in place can help you stay on track and avoid overeating.


Eat Slow

Slowing down your eating is another one of the easy ways to stop eating all the time. When you eat slow and savor your food, you can listen to your body and know when you’re really full and ready to stop. If you’re satiated, you’re a lot less likely to overeat and when you get into the habit of eating slow and enjoy your food, you’re much less likely to eat all the time!


Don’t Deprive

Avoiding depriving yourself of your favorite snacks is an effective way to stop eating all the time. If you’re depriving yourself of certain things, you’re going to want it even more and probably end up binging on it. Allow yourself treats in moderation to avoid eating on autopilot and really enjoy the experience!

Tackle your habit of overeating with these 9 effective ways to stop eating all the time! It’ll take some time to get used to it, but remember you weren’t born snacking and eating all the time so you can definitely get in the habit of not eating when you’re not truly hungry!

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I have a note about drinking water: Make sure it's warm water if your looking to be filled up so you don't snack. Could water is good to because it boosts your metabolism!

Wow Denise, that's probably the worst advice I've ever seen ("It might be good if you start becoming more conscious of your actions...."). Doing something unconsciously can be solved purely by being conscious of it? Person: I can't pick open that door, I have no hands. Denise: It might be good if you start becoming more like a person with hands.

Usually I don't even realize that I'm eating until I've got a half empty bag of chips in my hand.

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