10 Tips on How to Control Holiday Eating ...


10 Tips on How to Control Holiday Eating ...
10 Tips on How to Control Holiday Eating ...

There are many ideas on how to control holiday eating and by following a few simple rules you will find out that you do can enjoy holiday eating without over-indulging and without feeling deprived. If you are looking for some ideas, here are 10 Tips on How to Control Holiday Eating.

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Eat Protein First

Eating protein first will fill you up quicker and send messages to your brain that you are fuller faster. Steer clear from deep fried carbohydrates and food items that are covered in cheese and buttery sauce. Do that and you will have made the first move in showing you know how to control holiday eating.


Pick Fruits and Veggies

Pile your plate with healthy crudités and fruit slices and stay away from the pastries, crisps and other high fat snack options. Vegetarian options tend to have less processed food and unhealthy ingredients. Well, unless you are choosing the vegetable bake where the veg is soaked in butter and loaded up with full fat milk, cream or cheese.


Have Everything

If you pick a little bit of everything on offer on the buffet menu, you won’t feel deprived. You also won’t have space on your plate for big helpings of fattening food items. This way you will be able to enjoy yourself but still prevent overeating during the holidays.


Have a Good Breakfast

Eating a bowl of high fibre oats or choosing a low GI option for breakfast will help you to keep to a healthy holiday eating plan. You will stay fuller for longer. Then you won’t be ravenous when you arrive at yet another Christmas function with loads of tempting treats on offer.


Drink Water

Drinking water can prevent you from being dehydrated, especially when you are drinking alcohol. But it can also help you to feel fuller, as thirst is often mistaken for hunger. Drink a glass or two of water before you go to a party and you will find that you don’t head straight for the buffet table.


Keep Exercising

As soon as we ditch our exercise regime, it becomes easier to stuff our faces over Christmas. Keep up a moderate exercise regime over the festive season. You will find that you haven’t ended up piling up the pounds come New Year.


Limit the Dressings

Salads and veggies don’t always need to have high fat, creamy dressing options lathered on them. Look for the dishes that have fresh herbs, lime or vinaigrette dressings. They will have a depth of natural flavour without the extra calories and this is one of the great ways to not eat too much at Christmas.


Skip the Snacks

When you are socialising, drink in hand, it can be very difficult to say no to the delicious pre-dinner snacks that are being passed around. These are usually high in fat and great for blotting up the booze, but a disaster for your diet and your waistline. Make a point of passing on all the bar snacks and pre dinner food items altogether. If you are eating properly through the day, you should be able to last until dinner time.


Mixing Your Drinks

When it comes to adding a mixer to your drink, it can be an easy option to go for the high fat, high sugar soft drinks. Instead, go for the fresh fruit juices or slices of lime or orange and soda water instead. Alcohol is packed with loads of empty calories and you can easily double that without thinking with your mixer. Remember too, your alcohol consumption really bumps up your calorie intake, so watch your drink volume.


Get Plenty of Sleep

When we are tired, we tend to eat more and crave sugary things to give us a boost. With so many late nights, this is one way you can quickly overeat during the festive season. Get as much rest as possible and don’t stay out too late for multiple days in a row.

Knowing how to control the amount you eat over Christmas is not as tricky as you think. Much of it is the same common sense you apply if you are already following a healthy eating regime. Although you may feel like throwing caution to the wind and eating as much as possible during the holidays, you will undo all the healthy eating through the whole year in just a few short weeks in December/January. Following these tips will help you limit the pounds you could pile on. Which of these tips on how to control holiday eating helped you? Or maybe you have some other practical advice to share with us?

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