7 Things to Know when You're on a Diet ...

If you’ve just started a diet, there are some important things to know when you’re on a diet to prevent failure and feeling deprived. No one really enjoys having to lose weight, but if you need to for health purposes, it doesn’t have to be a miserable process. If you’re considering weight loss, no matter your age or size, please do keep these things to know when you’re on a diet in mind. I hope they’ll help you and keep you healthy, beautiful and strong!

1. Make Sure It's Necessary

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First, the very most important of all the things to know when you’re on a diet is to make sure you really need to be on one to begin with. Check with your doctor to see if you’re at a healthy weight. If you are, then reconsider dieting to begin with. If you’ve recently gained weight for whatever reason, consider why you’ve gained the weight. If a short term diet would be a good idea, fine, but really think about your body’s health before you do. If you’re doing it for cosmetic reasons alone, I strongly urge you to reconsider. However, if you need to for medical purposes, I encourage you and commend you on your efforts to do so.

2. Thin Doesn’t Mean Healthy

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Next, I hope you’ll remember, no matter what size you are, that while dieting can be helpful when needed, thin doesn’t equate to happy. Healthy does. Being a certain size isn’t what life’s about, but feeling healthy can give you a wonderful life. Keep that in mind before you proceed ahead.

3. Check Your Numbers

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When you’re on a diet, be sure to check your weight regularly, along with your body fat composition to ensure you’re eating enough and getting enough calories. Never cut your calories below 1500 calories a day. This will wreck your metabolism and though you might lose weight, you’ll gain it back much faster later.

4. Eat Regularly

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Be sure when dieting that you eat regularly. Eat three meals per day, along with two snacks if you can. This will ensure your metabolism stays stoked all day, preventing feelings of fatigue or deprivation.

5. Don’t Eat Diet Food

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When you choose your snacks and meals, don’t choose processed diet foods. Instead, go for real, whole food from lean protein, complex carbs, fresh produce and healthy fats. These nutrients will keep you satisfied, help you lose weight and keep your brain happy too.

6. Say No to Pills and Yes to Movement

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Whatever you do, say no to diet pills to help you lose more weight. The best thing you can do to up your success while dieting is exercise, not take pills. Aim for 30 minutes a day, and increase to 45 if you can. Choose an activity you enjoy and have fun with it!

7. Get Enough Rest

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During weight loss, your body will try to conserve fat for energy. To prevent your body from feeling the need to do this, you’ll need to eat enough, but also need to get enough rest. Make sleep your weight loss priority! Sleep a minimum of 8 hours for the best fat burning abilities.

If you’ve recently lost weight with success, what’s your best dieting tip? Of, if there’s something you’d like to know about dieting, just ask!

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