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7 Tips for Eating out While on a Diet ...

By Tara

It can be a struggle when you are eating out while on a diet because there is just so much temptation. High fat choices, low fat choices, and high fat choices disguised as low fat choices can be confusing and leave you feeling stressed. So what should you do when dining out? Well first off, if the calories of the meals are listed, this can be your best gage. There are certain tips you can follow to help you while eating out while on a diet, like these:

1 Order a Glass of Water First

As you sit down and start to look over the menu, drink a glass of water. If you are famished, at least this will fill you for a few minutes until you make your order. And this will help you avoid ordering a high calorie drink. Save your calories for the meal so you can enjoy eating out while on a diet.

2 Put the Bread Basket to the Side

As you stare at the creamy butter and warm onion bread just placed on your table, think twice. Filling up on bread can wreak havoc on your diet. You have a choice, you can choose to have one roll without butter or put the bread basket to the side and save the extra calories for your meal. Whatever you choice, choose wisely so that you can stay on track while dining out.


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3 Order a Salad

If you choose to order a salad for your entrée, great, just make sure to choose an oil-based dressing and not creamy. Even if you do not choose to have this as your entrée, order a side salad so that you can get your healthy greens loaded with fiber and phytonutrients. And this is a great way to make healthy choices when eating out.

4 Skip the High Fat Appetizer

As you contemplate ordering the mozzarella sticks or spinach artichoke appetizer, think twice; both of these appetizers are loaded with calories and fat. Often you may order this kind of appetizer and be too full when the meal comes. Save your appetite and calories for your entrée.

5 Skip the Creamy Soup

All the soup selections look so great but did you know the highest calories are in the cream based soups? Also most of the soups are loaded with sodium, much different than your homemade version. Skip the creamy soup and stick with your salad to play it safe!

6 Choose Grilled Fish

You cannot go wrong if you order grilled fish. I order a grilled fish entrée and asparagus when I was dining out yesterday and I left the restaurant feeling lean and loaded with energy. Wouldn’t you rather leave a restaurant feeling this way, then feeling overloaded on carbs?

7 Substitute the Fries for a Baked Potato

A lot of high end restaurants are now serving their fish entrees with fresh cut shoestring fries. Sure the fries taste great but they are loaded in fat and calories. Substitute high calorie French fries for a baked potato so you can make the healthier choice. You will not regret it!

Do not stress and enjoy dining out. Making the healthier choices is necessary because if you dine out often, the weight can creep up on you. Do you feel that you make the healthier choices when dining out? Enjoy your dining experience, the healthiest way!

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