7 Smart Dieting Tips for Travel ...


7 Smart Dieting Tips for Travel ...
7 Smart Dieting Tips for Travel ...

Dieting tips come in handy at home, at work, at school… but what about while you’re traveling? If you’re looking for dieting tips that you can use on-the-go, anywhere in the world, especially while you’re on vacation, I can help! Here are 7 smart dieting tips for travel.

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Plan Ahead

This is the best travel dieting tip in the world: plan ahead! If you don’t plan ahead, you’ll end up hungry and desperate for food, even those nasty, calorie and fat-packed airline meals, or, even worse, airport terminal meals. Plan ahead… and…


Pack for It

… pack for it! If you know you’ll be at the airport at lunch time, find out in advance where the nearest Subway shop is, or better yet, pack your own healthy meal you can eat while you’re waiting for your flight.


Get the App

You might not want to pack your big notebook or food journal, so here’s another travel dieting tip: download a free (or cheap) calorie-counting and food journaling app, so you can keep up your diet tracking without lugging your notebook across the globe.


Keep the Right Frame of Mind

Most dieters who travel will tell you of their one fatal mistake: they thought that since they were on vacation, they’d «treat» themselves and eat whatever they wanted, thus ruining months of hard work in just a few short days. Keep your goal in mind, and remember why you’re dieting in the first place. Keep on track!


Indulge… a Little…

Okay, okay, you ARE on vacation after all. Go ahead and indulge… but just a little! Sample some local flavor, but try to be smart about it. Again, you don’t want to ruin your entire diet, months of hard work and patience, for a Coldstone shake, just because you’re on vacation! This is a dieting tip you can bring home, too.


Remember to Snack!

Just like in your regular life, the urge to snack will strike while you’re traveling. Pack healthy snacks, or buy them while you’re traveling, and remember to eat them. Five small meals (including healthy snacks) will keep you metabolism kicking, and keep you full, thus less likely to gorge yourself when a «big» meal comes along.


Keep Hydrated

Here’s another dieting tip you can bring home with you, but be sure to use it while traveling: stay hydrated! Many times, we’re so thirsty we actually feel hungry! Keep a bottle of water with you (purchased once you’ve gone through security at the airport), and sip from it often.

With so many smart dieting tips to use while traveling, there’s no reason to wreck your weight loss on vacation! Which of these dieting tips will you use on your next trip? Or do you have another terrific travel dieting tip to share? Please do!

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