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How You Can Change Your Diet to Help the Environment ...

By Glenys

When you think about changing the environment and being more ethically aware, some of the first things that come to mind are being better at recycling, being better at being more sustainable, and of course, maintaining a better diet. The food industry is one that is heavily linked to environmental change, and it is up to us to start making better decisions in order to try and preserve the planet. Once it’s too late, it’s too late! Here is how you can change your diet to help the environment.

1 Avoid Cheap Meat and Dairy

Cheat meat and animal by-products might be good for you in terms of your wallet, but they certainly aren’t good for the environment. These products have a heftier production cost because the animals need food and care whilst they are alive, so the more organic you can buy, the more money there is to make sure the standards are kept high and no corners are cut.

2 Cut down on Avocado

We all love a good avocado breakfast or brunch, but the truth is, they take a lot of water to grow and then they need to be shipped in their millions of tonnes. They might look good on your Instagram, but think about the carbon footprint of that one little green vegetable.


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3 Avoid under Pressure Fish

Whilst lots of fish might not be technically endangered, they might be on the ‘under pressure’ lists because of their popularity for human consumption. It can be helpful to take a look at these lists and vary your fish choices by what is and what isn’t regarded as being under threat. There is a great free ‘good fish guide’ that you can find online that should do the trick.

4 Reuse Leftovers

Don’t make a big batch of dinner and then throw half of it away when you only need a couple of portions. Instead, freeze or refrigerate those leftovers and have them for dinner again later in the week. Try not to contribute to the 1.9 million tonnes of waste that gets thrown away by the food industry per year in this country alone.

5 Ditch Bottle Water

Come on guys, it’s 2019, time to stop messing around with single-use plastic! Stop buying a bottle of water at the shop when you need one, and instead get into the habit of carrying around a reusable bottle in your bag that you can top up without contributing to the production need. Besides, it is perfectly safe to drink tap water!

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