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How to Feel Good about Eating so-Called Bad Foods ...

By Lydia

I think we can all agree that the foods that we love the most are usually the foods that people tell us are bad for us! Sure, I love a nice salad every now and then, but when it comes to really enjoying eats, every single thing that would be on the top of my favourites list comes along with a bad reputation! However, the outlook on so-called ‘bad foods’ isn’t as always as bleak as some nutritionists and health gurus would like us to believe. Here are some facts that can make you feel good about eating bad foods that are bad for you.

1 Cheese

Believe it or not, full fat cheese can definitely be part of a healthy diet. Our favourite dairy product is filled with protein, vitamin B12, and calcium, along with fatty acids that can lower your risk of developing diabetes. As a fermented food, it can boost the levels of good bacteria in your gut, which will help to make your digestive system function properly.

2 Eggs

Eggs are a wonderful source of protein, especially at breakfast time, and they won’t raise your cholesterol. They are rich in choline, which is a nutrient that is essential for brain development. Don’t believe the old hype about having to limit your egg consumption.


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3 Coffee

Coffee, and caffeine in more general terms, isn’t as bad for you as some people would have you think. In fact, it can actually reduce your risk of things like liver disease and even some cancers.

4 Avocado

Some people have demonised the current avocado trend because it is a very fatty food, but you don’t need to worry because its fat content is classed as ‘good fats’! The type of fat that is found within avocado is not the type of fat that causes your own body fat percentage to increase. Instead, it is the kind of fat that fuels activity and keeps you feeling much fuller for longer.

5 Carbs

Any keto or Atkins fanatic will tell you that carbs are the devil, but that isn’t strictly true. Some carbs, whole grains in particular, have lots of value for your body, including regulating your blood sugar and helping you to feel much fuller for longer so that you don’t snack all the time.

6 Milk

There are some good reasons that you should opt for whole milk instead of skim milk. While milk is a wonderful source of things like calcium, vitamin D, and protein, and recent studies have shown that the fat you get from dairy doesn’t have an immediate correlation with cardiovascular disease.

7 Butter

I’m not saying you should take things to Paula Deen or Barefoot Contessa levels of butter use, but the redemption of butter is definitely included in the wave of recent information about rethinking the fats that we get from dairy products. Some alternatives that are full of trans fats are even worse than just a small helping of real butter every now and then!

Now let's get real. These do come with issues. Too much of any of the above is going to be bad for you - too much sugar, too much fat, too many carbs .... The point is that you can include them in your regular daily menus as long as you are sensible and you eat a balanced diet. Don't ignore these foods because of reputation!

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