The Rules to Maintaining a Healthy Diet ...

By Glenys

The Rules to Maintaining a Healthy Diet ...

When it comes to being healthy and staying fit and in shape, we all know that the best thing to do is partake in plenty of exercise and maintain a healthy, balanced diet, but sometimes that is easier said than done! If you have never had any kind of decent nutritional education before, then you might not be fully aware of all of the different elements that constitute keeping a healthy diet. Once you have all the facts, though, that is when you can go about changing your lifestyle for the better! Here are some of the key rules to maintain a healthy diet.

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Real Food

Stay away from anything that doesn’t come out of the ground, grow from a tree, or come from an animal! Processed foods are the number one problem in weight gain and unhealthy diets, so stick to the natural stuff all around and you will be on to a good thing with regards to maintaining a healthy diet.


Eat the Rainbow

I’m not talking about Skittles! Try to make sure that you incorporate all of the coloured ranges of fruits and vegetables in your diet. They all taste great, and they all have different and varied nutritional values for your body.



Try to stay away from any foods that are genetically modified. Sure, they might be bigger or more colourful, but they risk being infected with pesticides and also will not be as nutritional as their non-modified alternatives.


Low Sugar

You absolutely have to try to keep sugar intake to a minimum. Don’t add it to tea and coffee, avoid sugary sodas, and keep sugary treats like chocolate and candy to a strictly treat basis. Don’t be fooled into thinking that fat is the only thing you need to be worried about; sugar is just as detrimental to a healthy diet.



You need to really listen to your body and try to understand what you are feeling. You might think that you are hungry when in fact you are dehydrated and need water instead. You would be surprised how often people get those two things confused, and it can lead to overeating and unnecessary calorie consumption.

Famous Quotes

To give oneself earnestly to the duties due to men, and, while respecting spiritual beings, to keep aloof from them, may be called wisdom.


Your Own Rules

Try lots of different things out, but ultimately, you will do better if you abide by your own rules. You will know what works best for you, so whether it is keto, or vegan, or paleo or whatever, don’t feel pressured into trying to incorporate too much because you might end up trying to meet too many standards and crashing and burning as a result.

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