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The 5 Key Food Habits of Fit People ...

By Lydia

When it comes to both getting in shape and staying in shape, maintaining a level of good health and good fitness is all about keeping positive and beneficial habits. They say that once you keep something up for more than thirty days, it automatically becomes a habit that you then repeat without having to remind yourself, so it’s all about being determined and strong for those first few weeks, and then enjoying the benefits or a healthier lifestyle for years afterwards. Here are five of the most important and key food habits of fit people for you to adopt for yourself.

1 Same Healthy Breakfast

Get into the habit of enjoying the same healthy breakfast every single day, because the consistency at this time of the morning is essential for your energy levels for the rest of the day. Also, early in the morning is a time when you won’t mind eating the same thing every day. It is far less of an imposition than, for example, having the exact same dinner every evening.

2 Graze

Rather than gorging on big main meals, instead get into the habit of grazing on healthy and nutritious snacks throughout the course of the day. The little nuggets of fuel will prevent you from snacking on more naughty treats, and it will also mean that you are less inclined to overeat when it it comes times eat a ‘main’ meal.


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3 Hydration

Did you know that most people actually confuse thirst and dehydration for hunger, and eat more food than they should as a result? You can easily avoid this happening to you by keeping hydrated throughout the day. You should be aiming to take on at least 96 fluid ounces of water every single day, and it will also provide the added benefit of making your skin look amazing!

4 Colourful Meals

The more colourful your meal is on the plate, the healthier it is going to be (not including Fruit Loops!). You should look to create a rainbow on the plate for every meal, lots of different fruits and vegetables that come together to provide you with the kind of nutrition that you are looking for.

5 Occasional Indulgence

We are only human after all, we need to let loose every now and then in order to stay on the right track in the grand scheme of things! Give yourself one cheat day every three weeks or so, and this day will allow you to indulge in a few little cravings. Treat it as a reward for doing so well and sticking to such good habits for the rest of the time.

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