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Sweet cravings will be the end of me… or at least my diet. At least once a day, my sweet tooth clamors for something, but before I reach for the chocolate-covered Donettes, I try to tame my sweet cravings with something else, something that’s not loaded with sugar and calories and other diet-wrecking stuff… here are 7 effective ways to tame YOUR sweet cravings. They work for me… let’s see if they work for you!

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Drink Something Sweet

Some sweet cravings can be knocked out with a little kid stuff… Juicy Juice! This 100% fruit juice is very sweet, but the sugar is natural, and since it’s made with 100% fruit juice, it’s also loaded with vitamins (including powerful antioxidants). To get the sweetest juice, but the most antioxidant-fueled bang, try mixed fruit juice, rather than plain apple or grape or cherry. Another idea: freeze it for a summertime treat that’s sure to tame your sweet cravings!


Try a Handful of Berries

Perhaps you’re craving something sweet but more substantial than juice. Opting for a handful of fresh berries, like strawberries or raspberries or blueberries will also cure your craving, without adding nasty chemicals or too many calories. Again, they’re loaded with all-natural vitamins, including antioxidants.


Eat Dried Plums

Dried plums aren’t just for old people, you know! They’re also a dieter’s friend, being naturally sweet and high in fiber (so you’ll feel full longer). I keep a carton of dried plums at my desk for my own ill-timed sweet cravings. Give them a try!


Try a Small Piece of Dark Chocolate

Is there anything better suited to tame your sweet cravings than chocolate? Then go for it… with this little caveat. You see, dark chocolate (not milk chocolate) is packed with antioxidants and chemicals that make you happy (literally). A tiny piece that you let melt in your mouth is heaven… and not bad for you, either.


Go for Portion Control

Lots of your favorite sweet snacks come in 100-calorie packs, ideal for taking with you to tame your sweet cravings on the go. It’s measured indulgence, a sure way to stay within a reasonable calorie count.


Smell Something Sweet

Scented candles or body lotions may help tame sweet cravings. I’ve found that a Yankee Candle scented like birthday cake actually makes me crave something sweet a lot less… see if it works for you, too!


Find a Healthy Replacement

There are a lot of recipes that offer healthier alternatives to the ingredients that make our favorite sweet treats less then healthy, like substituting pumpkin or applesauce in baked goods. Check Pinterest for low-fat, low-sugar recipes for brownies and breads and cookies. Yum without the guilt!

With so many ways to tame your sweet cravings, there’s no reason to wreck your carefully planned and executed diet, is there? Which of these will you try the next time a sweet craving demands satisfaction? Or do you have another way you tame your own sweet cravings? Do share!

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I have intense sugar cravings and find that it's a cycle (the more I eat, the more I crave). Chewing sugarless gum works really well, as does only having dried fruit in the house (and not things with refined sugar).

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