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When trying to improve your health and lose weight, there are plenty of ways to avoid unwanted calories every day. It’s easy to not think before you eat, causing you to add on calories that weren’t even needed in the first place. In this article you will find 7 ways to avoid unwanted calories each day, making weight loss a bit simpler!

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Only Drink Water

Other drinks may be tempting, but when looking for ways to avoid unwanted calories, stick to water. Water doesn’t just help you control your calories, it also helps maintain a balanced level of body fluids. Drinking water makes you full, helping you to eat less and avoid extra calories and sugars. Water is also good for your organs, muscles and skin. You can never go wrong with a glass of water!


One Plate, Small Portion

Using a smaller plate gives you the illusion that you’re eating the same amount as you would on a bigger plate. You wont be any less full then you were before. The smaller plate technique will give you the idea that you have a lot of food on your plate, helping you eat up to 25% less than usual. Once you’re done, don’t go back for seconds! Instead, drink a big glass of water. You’re guaranteed to be full afterwards.


Avoid Toppings

What you eat may seem healthy, up until you add tons of unnecessary toppings. Yes, a salad is good, but do you really need croutons, cheese, fruit, meats and dressing? Adding all of these excessive toppings can add calories making your salad equivalent to a bowl of pasta. Save tons of calories by only adding one topping, or maybe just grilled chicken and steamed vegetables instead of fried foods. Light dressings also cut the calories down, even just using half the amount of dressing you’d usually use. A little bit goes a long way.


Choose Grilled Not Fried

Fried foods are always saturated in oils. Although they taste great, they’re extremely high in fat. Frying food uses unnecessary grease and oils that are harmful to your health. Grilling food isn’t just healthier, it also kills any unwanted bacteria your food may be carrying. Grilled food helps ensure that the nutritional content in the food is retained even after it’s cooked.


Don’t Eat out of the Bag

Many people enjoy relaxing in front of the television eating a bag of chips. While watching television, you don’t realize how much you’re actually eating,. When eating in front of the TV, limit yourself. Put the chips in a small bowl instead of eating straight from the bag. Or even better, replace those chips with some fruit. Not eating out of the bag or in front of the television will save you plenty of calories you don't even realize you're consuming.


Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has a number of benefits over any other chocolate. It’s loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that will help free your body of harmful toxins and support your health. Dark chocolate has been proven to be good for your heart and brain, as well. It can lower blood pressure and help improve cognitive function in your brain. So next time you have sweet tooth, go for the dark chocolate!


Avoid Nuts

The more you have, the more you eat. Nuts may have fats that are healthy for you, but they are also very high in calories. Although they are a quick and easy snack to grab and enjoy on the go, they taste too good to stop yourself from only eating the recommended amount. Cutting nuts out all together may save you up to 500 calories a day. So, when you’re looking for ways to avoid useless calories, step away from the nuts.

After reading this list, do you feel more confident about losing weight? Simple things like these will help you to avoid unwanted calories and take you one step closer to your goal of a healthy and happy life. What are some other things you can do each day to avoid calories easily? Good luck!

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Avoid nuts? What should I eat? Too much nature sugar if I eat too much fruits as snack!!!

avoiding nuts is the worst advice ever!

I buy prepacked serving sizes of nuts, that way you can't eat too many

I'm sorry, but this is inaccurate. So hey, we ONLY can eat salad and water all day? No thanks.. plus you shouldn't even avoid nuts, just don't eat too much.. (Besides, too much of anything, no matter how healthy isn't good anyways.. that should've been one of the tips..)

i agree that nuts are too good to stop yourself from eating the entire container. but they are super good for you so you shouldn't cut them out of your diet..

Infact its recommended to have a fistful mixture of apricots, almonds& raisins as a healthy snack!

Nice advice to lose weight Plenty of luke warm water reduce more calaries

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