7 Things to Stop Eating NOW ...

By Jennifer

Whether you’re dieting to lose weight or you just want to look and feel better, there is a long list of things to stop eating to achieve your goal. Some of these foods and drinks we all already know are “bad for you” treats, but others may come as a surprise. Let’s test your “foods to avoid knowledge” and maybe save you an empty calorie or two along the way. Here are 7 things to stop eating NOW.

1 Soda

Soda is loaded with empty calories from high fructose corn syrup. While scientists debate whether or not your body processes it any different than it does sugar, stop drinking soda for the simple reason that it’s known to contribute to obesity, and its co-morbidities, like diabetes and high blood pressure.

2 Diet Soda!

… and if you think diet soda is any better, think again! A recent study from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio found that people who drink diet soda are much more likely to gain weight, not lose it. Add to that the potentially cancer-causing effect of artificial sweeteners, and is it any wonder diet soda is near the top of my list of things to stop eating… err… drinking?

3 White Bread

Aside from being bland, flimsy, and tasteless, white bread is also terribly unhealthy, earning it another top spot on my list of things to stop eating. Why is this seemingly innocuous sandwich-helper so bad? Because it is, quite literally, bleached, sapping not only flavor, but valuable nutrients as well. Swap the nasty bleached white bread in favor of wholesome, hearty, tasty (and un-bleached) whole grain bread.

4 Whole Dairy

Don’t get me wrong: dairy is good for you! But whole-fat dairy is full of fat, negating most of the good you did your body with the calcium and vitamin D. Opt for low-fat dairy instead, which has all of the nutrients you need, without the heart-stopping fat and cholesterol.

5 Deli Meats

There’s nothing wrong with a little ham or turkey, but the sliced deli meat variety is full of sodium (to process and preserve it) and fat. Deli meat is another of the things to stop eating because of the risk of food-borne illness from listeria, which is particularly dangerous for pregnant women.

6 Fast Food

Did you know one fast food value meal contains all of the calories you’re supposed to consume in an entire day? Sure, some of those calories come from protein, but most come from sugar (from the soda) and fat (from the burger and fries). And because so much of what we tend to eat at fast food restaurants is ground beef, which is often undercooked, the risk of contracting a food poisoning is dangerously high… even the lettuce and tomato are questionable… did you wash them before you put them on your burger or in your side salad?

7 Anything in a Can or Box

Finally, the last stop of my list of things to stop eating: canned ravioli and boxed macaroni and cheese. Why? Because nearly everything that comes prepared in a can or a box is chock-full of nasty chemicals to flavor it and preserve it. My rule: if I can’t pronounce it, or identify it as food, I’m certainly not going to eat it… and you shouldn’t either.

With so many items on my list of things to stop eating, what in the world is left? Well, lots of things, like fresh fruits and veggies, tasty whole grains, and lean proteins. Swap these foods to avoid for some of the goodies I just mentioned, and you’re golden! Which of these things to stop eating surprised you? Or is there something else you’d add to my list? Do tell!

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