7 Positive Side Effects of Dieting ...


7 Positive Side Effects of Dieting ...
7 Positive Side Effects of Dieting ...

Like anything else you do in life, dieting has its side effects, and some of them may be quite unexpected. In fact, most of them are far more positive and “unexpected” in a marvelously happy sort of way. What are these positive side effects of dieting, you ask? Read on! I’ve benefited from and witnessed these side effects of dieting several times over, and they really are tiny miracles. Here are 7 positive side effects of dieting.

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Longer Life

The bottom line: dieting to get to a healthy body weight, and staying there, are key to a long, enjoyable life. I’m not talking about a year or two. I’m talking about ten, twenty, thirty years of life, the difference between dying before your grandchildren are born, and seeing them have children of their own.


More Energy

I don’t care how energetic you think you are now, at 30 pounds overweight… one of the side effects of dieting is more energy. And who doesn’t want that? I hated the feeling of being exhausted by 4:00 p.m. when I was overweight… now, I feel like Day, Part 2 is just starting at dinner-time!


Better Memory

While it’s true diet doesn’t control everything memory-related, one of the positive side effects of dieting (and better nutrition) is a dramatically better memory, and cognitive function altogether. So if you’re failing maths and can’t figure out why, perhaps it’s time to put down the donuts and try a bowl of Irish oatmeal in the morning before class.


Weight Loss

Well, duh! One of the most popular side effects of dieting is weight loss, something I’m sure you were already well aware of. I only mention this because sometimes we forget what might be inspiring us to diet in the first place — bikini season. Skinny jeans. A tee that doesn’t show off our muffin top.


Increased Confidence

Along with that weight loss and a healthier diet can come something quite unexpected — new-found confidence. You walk a little taller, maybe dress in more flattering clothes. You notice people noticing you, and rather than assuming they’re being critical, you think they might be actually flirting! Even if you’ve only started your diet, and haven’t lost an ounce, this change in confidence is one of the most wonderful and rewarding side effects of dieting.


Lowered Risk of All Kinds of Chronic, Deadly Diseases

Remember a few points ago when I mentioned that one of the side effects of dieting is a longer life-span? Add to that “healthier” longer life-span, and you’ll have another bonus. A healthy body weight and nutritious diet can dramatically, drastically decrease your risk for a range of chronic and fatal diseases, like diabetes, heart disease, and even most types of cancer.


Healthier Children and Spouse!

You’ll notice once you’re well into your diet that you’re not the only one in your house (or in your life!) reaping the benefits of the positive side effects of dieting. You’ll notice that your children and your spouse and your friends are eating better and even exercising, following your healthy example. You may not have set out to be an inspiration, but it’s going to happen… and when it does, you’ll be walking on clouds. Can you think of anything more rewarding than setting a good example for your children?

With so many positive side effects of dieting, I hope at least one of these has helped you decide to take the plunge and start your diet this week! That last one meant a lot to me, when my mother mentioned I inspired her to make a particular healthy living decision… and my daughters, too! Which of these side effects of dieting inspired you to make a change? Or is there something that motivated you that I need to include in my list? Please share!

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