These 7 Tips Will Help You Tackle Comfort Food Cravings ...

As the holidays approach and as the weather is cooler, you may find yourself having more cravings. It is amazing how cool weather can have you craving higher calorie, richer foods. Scientists say that our bodies craves more calories in cooler weather so that we can that extra layer of fat to keep us warm in the winter. But bulk up with more layers of clothing not fat and combat your food cravings. There are many ways to distract yourself from these food cravings and even find a healthier swap along the way.

1. Have a Glass of Water

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Don’t give in that craving for chocolate cake. Have a glass of water to aid your digestion, rid your body of that craving and stay hydrated. Wait 15 minutes and watch your craving subside. And if it does not go away, go for a workout!

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