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Health Tip Stop Binging on Sugar ...

By Sarah

It seems like everyone is addicted to the white stuff, and no I’m not talking about cocaine. Everyone is consuming way too much sugar and its makes us fatter and is sending us on an emotional roller coaster. So, I randomly bet my mum that if she could drop down and give me 20 push-ups, I would give up sugar for one month. My mum is in remission from cancer, so I thought I was safe from losing any bets. I was SO wrong, and here I am 3 weeks into my new sugar free diet. We are talking NO cake, NO sugar in my tea, NO white Bread and NO more candy. I admit for the first week I was very angry by my new sugar free situation... but as the days have gone by I am starting to feel so much happier and full of energy. Besides I think to myself if mum can beat cancer, I should be able to beat my sugar addiction. Read on to find out why it’s time to kick the habit and stop binging on the white stuff.

1 Sugar is Bad for You

The most obvious reason to give up sugar is that it is bad for you. Sugar is all calories and no nutritional content. It is also bad for your teeth (you will need these when you get older). Sugar easily turns into fat, which can lead to a fatty liver, diabetes or heart disease. The bottom line is that sugar is empty calories that are hard to burn off. It’s time to ditch the white stuff.

2 Its Super Addictive

I joke about sugar being like cocaine, but in many ways it is like a drug. It is proven to be addictive – the more we consume, the more we crave it. I admit it does taste so good – I love cookies and cakes. But the problem is that food manufacturers sneak it into everything we eat, so we are all eating way more sugar than we realise.


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3 So What Should Be Avoided?

The best way to beat a sugar addiction is to go cold turkey! Only when you start looking at food packaging do you realise how much sugar is in everything we eat. On food packaging look for the bit that reads “of which is sugars”. This will highlight the hidden sugars in food. As a massive generalization I would advise to stay away from obvious sugary foods like fizzy drinks, cakes, and candy and then also avoid things like white bread and white rice – choosing healthier versions such as wild rice and wholemeal bread. Wholemeal is easier to digest and has less sugar, as do many gluten free products.

4 Can I Eat Fruit?

When we are talking about sugar – we are talking about these empty calories that have no nutritional content. Fruit is packed with goodness, so to me it seems foolish to cut out fruit because it is sweet. I would say go for it; the benefits outweigh the negatives.

5 I Will Starve to Death!

The good news is that giving up sugar still leaves A LOT of other food options. You can still eat meat, fish, fat, dairy and whole-grain foods. I found myself eating porridge – as a sugar free cereal, chicken or cheese salads for lunches and for dinner I replaced sugary foods with vegetables. I also eat more nuts as a snack food alternative to candy.

6 The 21 Day Rule

Ever heard that saying that it only takes 21 days to break a habit? Well if you can go for 3 weeks without sugar you will find yourself in a new exciting world where you don’t crave sugar anymore. I already feel healthier and have more energy after 3 weeks. My skin is better and I have more body confidence.

7 I Look Great

To be really frank with you – the main reason to give up sugar is that you will look and feel great! I have dropped a dress size and I can’t stop smiling from eating all these feel good foods. I have rediscovered my waist in just 3 weeks! What more incentive do you need to give up sugar than new curves?

I am not the sort of girl that normally goes on diets and I don’t pretend to be a health expert, but I truly believe that giving up sugar has opened my eyes to a new me and better healthier habits that I wish to keep up for life. I have no doubt that at some point in the future I will eat something like a crème Brulee but when I do it will be as a treat, and I will enjoy it with the full knowledge that I love my body and have been looking after it. So start treating your body like a temple and simply ditch the white stuff. A new happier you is waiting for you on the other side! Who is with me?

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