Secrets of Women Who Have a Healthy Relationship with Food ...

Sonya Mazzari

Secrets of Women  Who Have a Healthy  Relationship  with Food  ...

I think every girl needs some secrets of women who have a healthy relationship with food under their belt. If you are somebody, like many of us, who is constantly having to think about food, about what to eat, about what not to eat, and especially fighting the numerous cravings that you might have on a daily basis, then it might seem totally alien to you that there are people out there who experience a completely healthy and stress free relationship with food, even to the extent that they don’t even have to think about their choices in order to be healthy. You know that this is a total dream, but you also know that if you take your mind off the issue, then you are likely to have a setback or two. Here are some of the secrets of women who have a healthy relationship with food.

1 No Dieting

Diets that completely eradicate certain food groups and work to restrict your calorie intake might work for weight loss, but not for maintaining a good relationship with food after your goal weight is achieved. This second stage is all about nutrition and knowing how to balance your meals. You can have everything you want, just in moderation! That's one of the top secrets of women who have a healthy relationship with food.

2 Regular Grocery Shopping

Make sure that you do a big grocery shop every week so that you never have to face the temptation of buying takeout when the fridge is empty. The more healthy options you have, the more enthused you will be to stay away from the junk food and continue to make healthy beneficial dishes.

3 Cook at Home

Try to limit trips to restaurants and takeaways to special occasions. You should be making a conscious effort to cook your own meals at home as often as possible. This way, you get much fewer hidden calories and additives, and it helps you to develop a worthwhile skill at the same time!

4 Step Goal

The Fitbit craze is definitely upon us, and you should be aiming to reach your 10,000 steps per day in order to be able to enjoy your food without a sense of guilt in your own inactivity. Even if you can’t get to the gym, you can do things like walk to work or during your lunch break.

5 Chew More

It sounds simple, but it really makes a difference if you concentrate on chewing your food properly! Slowing down your chewing not only makes the food taste better, it makes your meal last longer and it can lead to you getting fuller quicker and not binge eating a larger portion and then feeling bloated.

6 Value-Based Decisions

If you attach values to your food decisions, then it is much easier to not break the rules. For example, look at how vegetarians don’t generally crack and eat bacon, or how religious people can stick to a fast when all you can do is think about food all day!

7 Monitor Progress

Treat your new relationship with food as something of a game, a game that you are winning. Make sure to monitor your progress, marking off each day that you don’t have a setback and building up a streak that you won’t want to break!