4 Simple Ways to Lower Blood Sugar ...

By Leiann

Are you a diabetic? Just want to monitor your blood sugar levels so they are not too high? This YouTube video shows natural ways of lowering your blood sugar, without being too difficult to buy from your local grocery store.

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Published on Jul 18, 2014

1 Cinnamon

Sprinkle on toast, in your coffee, etc.

2 Green Tea

Black tea does not have the same benefits.

3 Fenugreek

I found this in capsule form at my local grocery store's vitamin section. The directions say that one may even sprinkle it on salads.

4 Magnesium-rich Foods

Beans, quinoa, skim milk and low-fat yogurt.

Now you know how to level out your blood sugar, safely. If you do not like beans, drink green tea. If you do not like green tea, have cinnamon in your coffee...etc. Simple, huh?

Have a healthy summer!

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