5 Simple Mindfulness Tricks to Eat Less ...


5 Simple Mindfulness Tricks to Eat Less ...
5 Simple Mindfulness Tricks to Eat Less ...

Want some simple mindfulness tricks to eat less? I’m sure that when it comes to your diet, you have heard people say a thousand times, over and over that making the right kinds of food choices is a mind over matter type situation. It might sound like one of those cliché lines that people just spout when it feels right, but for a healthy, balanced diet, practising some kind of mindfulness can actually be a helpful and positive factor in changing your eating habits. If you are looking to make a lifestyle change yourself, then here are five simple mindfulness tricks to eat less.

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Turn off Devices

This is one of the best simple mindfulness tricks to eat less. Try not to eat and scroll at the same time. When your mind is on other topics other than eating you tend to graze for longer. If you are concentrating on your meal, then you won’t be so susceptible to overeating.


Set Limits

The more structured your day is, the less opportunity you will have to snack out of routine and out of boredom. Things like set bedtimes and set dinner times are great ways to get into positive eating habits.


Sit down

Did you know that you are more likely to overeat if you are snacking and walking/standing at the same time? When seated, you are more able to focus on the food in your hands, and therefore will not scoff and binge.


Small Plates

It is human nature to want to fill a plate and finish everything on that plate, so an easy way to fool your mind into thinking you have eaten more than you actually have is to use smaller plates and enjoy the sensation of filling and eating from them.


Non Dominant Hand

Apparently, eating with the fork in your nondominant hand is a clever way to eat up to 30 percent less. You will take longer to eat, therefore allowing your body to digest the food quicker and leave you feeling fuller much quicker. Of course, do this too much and you'll probably become ambidextrous!

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