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How to Eat More Vegetables the Mediterranean Way ...

By Lydia

Want to know how to eat more vegetables the Mediterranean way? If you ask anybody in the know what kind of diet results in the healthiest and longest lasting life, they will almost certainly say the Mediterranean diet. Popular in the hotter climate countries of Europe, it is a diet that consists of lots of fruit and vegetables mixed with things like olive oil, lean meats, fresh fish and poultry. You can’t go wrong with the kinds of foods that are included in the Mediterranean diet, especially the large amounts of vegetables that make up its core. Here is how to eat more vegetables the Mediterranean way.

1 Plant Protein

Get more protein out of plants as opposed to meat, and you can do this by eating more nuts, seeds and legumes. You need to get your head around busting the myth that only red meat can provide you with the protein that you need. In fact, this is one of the best answers for how to eat more vegetables the Mediterranean way.

2 Darker Vegetables

You should aim to eat the rainbow when it comes to vegetables, not just the green ones. Go for things like dark leafy veg, bell peppers, beets, all those vegetables that provide you with colours other than green!

3 Quality Fats

Try to eat good fats rather than the fats that are bad for your body. They can be found in avocado, nuts, salmon, and quality oils. Of course, the bad fats to avoid are found in junk food like pizza, fried chicken, burgers, basically all that stuff that is delicious but dangerous!

4 Whole Grains

Make the effort to switch to whole grains in every area that you can. So red or black rice rather than white, brown bread rather than white, and minimally processed oats instead of popular instant oats.

5 Different Ratio

Whatever your current ratio of vegetables to carbs and proteins is in your meals, make the effort to change it so that it accounts for the highest proportion on your plate at any time. There is no such thing as having too many vegetables in your diet, you don’t need the Mediterraneans to tell you why that is a good idea!

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