Girl's Guide on How to Have a More Sustainable Diet for Girls Going Healthy ...

By Sonya

Girl's Guide on How to Have a More Sustainable Diet for Girls Going Healthy ...

Wondering how to make your diet more sustainable? When you want to be food conscious, it can be a big enough struggle to commit to eating healthy in the first place, but getting all of your recommended nutrients and food groups each day isn’t the only element of a diet that some people like to be aware of.

For some, eating a balanced diet isn’t quite going far enough, and they strive to maintain a diet that is as sustainable as possible. This isn’t just about the kinds of healthy foods that you should be eating, it is also about the way that we both buy and consume various different products every single day, week, month and year. Here's how to make your diet more sustainable.

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Trust Your Senses

There are tons and tons of food that gets wasted every single day, thanks to misinformed ‘sell by’ dates. When you are out shopping, don’t look at the date labels, just trust your senses when you are looking for fresh fruit and vegetables. Do they feel good? Do they smell fresh? If they do, then you can definitely ignore that label that says you need to use them by this evening! This is one of the best answers for how to make your diet more sustainable.


Write a Shopping List

If you go out food shopping with no list, you are much more likely to make impulse purchases that aren’t sustainable. Sticking to a list of products that you have carefully considered before getting to the store is definitely the way to go. It might take more time, but it definitely helps you to be smarter when you get there.


Bulk Stores

Buying certain things in bulk can rectify that annoying situation of buying a product, using half of it, and then going back to find that it is way out of date. Buying in bulk rather than in a specified pack size means that you will only purchase the amount that you need, meaning there is no waste at the end of it!


Store Properly

Make sure that your foods enjoy the longest shelf life possible by storing them by their correct and specific requirements. Keep things cool and dry and away from animals!


Freeze Food

Freeze as much food as you can in order to save it from being wasted. It might seem like you are using more energy by doing this, but operating a freezer actually uses less energy than the impact of food wasted.

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Use Leftovers

Invest in a couple of cool cookbooks that are dedicated to making the most out of your leftovers. Why throw them away when you can make a whole new tasty meal out of them?


Leftovers Day

Once you have mastered some recipes, dedicate a whole day of your week to eating leftovers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! You would be surprised just how much more sustainable your personal diet can be with just one whole day with no new products.

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