How to Cut down on Sugar during the Holidays ...

By Tara

How to Cut down on Sugar during the Holidays ...

As the holidays quickly approach it seems like you are surrounded by sugar. Nearly every appetizer, dessert, dinner and drink is laden in sugar and you feel doomed. Are you destined to pack on pounds during the holidays? Does weight gain go hand in hand with celebrating a holiday? As a certified trainer I like to think definitely not but to combat this it does take strategy, planning and some simple common sense. So let me help you to cut down the sugar this holiday season and stay slim!

1 Think before You Drink

Apple cider, hot cocoa and spiced latte to celebrate the season are everywhere. But these drinks can contain as many as 600 calories depending on size, close to the calories in a hamburger. Save the calories on the sweet drinks to avoid packing on the holiday pounds this season!

2 Bake with Coconut Sugar Instead of Refined Sugar

Coconut sugar contains 3 grams of sugar per teaspoon as opposed to white sugar which contains 4 grams. May not sound like a huge difference but let me tell you it adds up. So save on calories and keep your whittled waistline by swapping to coconut sugar for your baked holiday recipes!

3 Drink Water before, during and after

Have a glass of water before during and a glass after your holiday meals. Okay you may make a few more visits to the bathroom but let me tell you it will be worth it because you will fill up on water instead of sugar. Enjoy the proteins and veggies at dinner and skip the sugar!

4 Have a Healthy Breakfast

Start your day the right way with a healthy breakfast with lean protein and veggies. I prefer to have an omelet with broccoli or spinach to set the stage for eating for nutrition. If I fail to have protein in the morning I am amazed in what a significant difference I can feel in my body. So start your day with protein.

5 Avoid the Soda

Skip the sugary soda loaded with toxins and add a slice of lemon to your water. It will be much better to save your calories for the indulgent holiday meal you will eat than wasting this on soda. And you will avoid staining your pearly whites!

6 Snack on a Handful of Nuts

Before you head into the family holiday celebration, have a handful of nuts for some protein. This will help you to stay satisfied for longer and avoid getting caught up at the appetizer table!

7 Have a Large Salad before Hitting the Parties

If you have a great appetite and can eat your way around the holiday party, have a salad before. It may seem rude to eat before but with a simple salad, the bulk of this high fiber food can help you to avoid wasting your calories on sugar laden food. And you will feel better when you arrive at the party! I promise no one will even know ;-).

So are you ready to stay strong this holiday season and avoid overconsuming sugar? Then stay strong and true to your goals! And one more thing, if you have a piece of fruit, which includes natural sugar, this can help you to combat your craving and better your health! And have a happy and healthy holidays!

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